How Many Devices Can a Router Handle?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023 1:31 PM
How Many Devices Can a Router Handle?

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If you are shopping for new wireless network components, you may wonder how many devices can a router handle. Even the best routers, after all, include data caps of some type or another. Keep reading to learn more about the number of devices that your average router can successfully handle. However, if you do a lot high-quality video streaming, you may want to check out the best router for 4k streaming


  • There is no set number of devices a wi-fi router can handle, as it depends more on the level of data being used.
  • To ensure your single router operates at peak efficiency, and to reduce network load, keep an eye on any devices conducting larger-than-average downloads.
  • You should also perform a network assessment to see if there are any unauthorized devices hogging up your networks and slowing down your Internet connection and Internet speed.

Number of Devices a Router Can Handle

There is no set number of devices that a wireless router can handle, as it boils down to the amount of data that is being transferred and not the number of devices using the wireless connection. Of course, having a glut of devices connected to a router can cause performance issues, if you are looking to learn how to troubleshoot a router. Other alternatives can be rebooting your WiFi router and the placement of your router. If you need a router to handle more wireless devices, you’ll need to get a better router, preferably like the TP-Link Mesh WiFi.

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It never hurts to remove any unused devices from your network, such as old laptops and out-of-date smartphones.

Here is how to lessen the load of your router so you can experience the best the Internet has to offer.

Keep an Eye on Downloads

Downloading large files can place a large amount of strain on your router, impacting your overall bandwidth and minimizing connections with the rest of your devices. Keep an eye on any downloads and be aware that conducting large downloads will impact your router’s performance. You may want to consider a wired connection for the device that is downloading, so you may want to learn how to connect a WiFi router with a LAN cable.

Look for Unknown Connected Devices

If you are using an unsecured router with minimal password protection, you may be getting some hop-ons using up your bandwidth and lowering the efficacy of your wireless connection. Check your router to conduct a network assessment to suss out anyone using your network that shouldn’t be there. The process here varies, so check with your Internet service provider. While you are on the page of connected devices, feel free to delete any devices that you no longer use.

Stream at Lower Resolutions

Streaming movies and TV shows at high resolutions can take a serious bite out of your bandwidth. To make sure your router can easily handle everything that is being thrown at it, consider streaming at standard HD every once in a while instead of 4K or higher. Your wireless connection will thank you for it.


Can too many devices slow down or crash your wi-fi router?

Routers can handle anywhere from ten to 150 devices at once, and overloading the router with wireless devices should not crash it, but they will most certainly slow it down.

Who’s on my wireless network?

You can check to see what wireless devices are using your wifi network by accessing your router’s information page.

What about mesh networking?

Installing a mesh network can help lessen the load and hasten your Internet connection. Contact your broadband service provider for more information on mesh networks.

STAT: The average UK and US household have around 10 smart devices, but this number is increasing rapidly with every year. (source)

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