How to Setup a Router for Gaming

Updated: Oct 3, 2023 12:36 PM
How to Setup a Router for Gaming

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If you are trying to build the ultimate entertainment center, you may wonder how to set up a router for gaming. The best routers, after all, can be adjusted in multiple ways to suit the needs of PC and console gamers. What should you do to ensure the smoothest online gameplay experience? Keep reading to find out.


  • The easiest way to make sure your router is optimized for gaming is to purchase a dedicated gaming router or game while plugged in with Ethernet cables for a wired connection.
  • You should also make sure your wireless router integrates with newer wireless standards, such as 5 GHz bands and WiFi 6 for optimum online gaming.
  • Optimize your current router for gaming by choosing the right wireless channel and enabling MU-MIMO in the router settings.

How to Configure a Router for Gaming

The process varies depending on your router, your Internet connection, and the type of gaming application you are running. In other words, there are no universal steps to follow, similar to when you learn how to change firewall settings on a router or how to turn off the router firewall. You can also read our page if you are wondering what do gaming routers do that a regular router doesn’t.

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Delete any unknown mobile devices from your network to speed up your online gaming experience.

Still, we have tried to come up with some useful guidelines that should help most online gamers, no matter their router or platform of choice. A few other guides you might like include setting up a DD-WRT router, using a router as a bridge, and prioritizing your PC on a router.

Method 1 – Purchase a Gaming Router

Don’t want to fiddle with settings adjustments and trial and error to get the best gaming experience? Purchase and use a dedicated gaming router instead. These routers are built with hardcore gamers in mind and boast the specs and the settings to match. You won’t have to learn the definition of a UPnP router or anything like that, as a gaming router will arrive pre-set for all of your gaming needs. Of course, these specialized routers tend to be more expensive than standard models. To see a breakdown, you might like our Asus AX86U vs AX82U.

Method 2 – Adopt Modern Wireless Standards

If you are using an ancient router stuck with the 2.5GHz wireless band, your gaming experience will suffer. In other words, go for a modern router with modern wireless standards of at least 5GHz. Wi-Fi 6 is becoming increasingly popular and is certainly a good choice if you can afford it. Sticking with modern wireless standards will ensure a smooth gameplay experience, even while playing on a busy server.

Optimize Your Channel and Devices

Optimize your wireless channel by choosing a wireless channel without any significant interference. The 5GHz channel has 23 non-interfering channels, so you’ll want to choose one far away from potential interference. In other words, channels one, 12, and 23 are typically a good bet, though this fluctuates depending on any nearly wireless networks. Additionally, enable MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) on your router to make sure gaming devices that require plenty of bandwidth get prioritized.


What router features affect gaming online?

A whole bunch of wireless router settings and features impact online games, even with mobile devices. These include Internet speed, Wi-Fi network efficiency, making sure your preferred game server is not blocked behind a firewall, and more.

How fast is your actual Internet connection?

This really depends on your router’s wireless standard, be it Wi-Fi 6 or other, and the actual Internet traffic coming from your modem. Network settings, the number of connected devices and wireless connections, and port forwarding settings will also impact your connection.

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Resetting the router and modem, unplugging Ethernet ports, and powering down game consoles are all good ways to speed up Internet traffic and get faster speed on your wireless network.

STAT: Generally speaking, for gaming alone, around 15-20Mbps is ample, but bear in mind that the more devices connected to your router, the more bandwidth that’s being eaten into. (source)

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