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Luma Smart Router: Parents Can Link and Protect Home Networks

Luma is a smart home router that actually feels like it has a higher purpose – instead of just being that “required brick” somewhere next to your modem, the Luma actually makes managing your WiFi network easier.

It’s a welcome shift from some of the more traditional routers that often struggle to enter today’s smart home, and you can read our list of best wireless routers for more information. It also helps that the Luma looks good, too, a pleasant little hexagon that can fit in or hide as needed. That’s good, because the router specializes in what the company calls “surround WiFi” or the ability to string out a WiFi network across multiple Luma devices.

On the spec side, the router is dual-band, with a USB 2.0 port, two Gigabit ports, and WPA2 security.

Luma Router

The little hexagon works better with friends.

Put up a few of these throughout a larger house-space, and they will link up to solve dead zone problems and make sure that you get reliable connectivity no matter where you are. It’s a different approach from solutions like smart beam tech (which aims antennas at specific devices to reduce dead zones), and potentially more reliable when it comes to truly difficult spaces.

Behind that pretty face, the wireless router is feature heavy through your smartphone. It allows you to pop open the app and see exactly who is on your WiFi network. You can create timers for kids that control how long they can be connected using their devices, kick off users you don’t recognize, and more. There are several additional security features as well, for parents who actually want to see what their kids are doing online or set ratings for various websites to control where they go.

As these features indicate, Luma is primarily intended for home use, so if you’re looking for other office routers, please read our expert wireless router reviews. While it does offer an enterprise security option, small businesses may want to look for a router with more administrative function. However, if you’re looking for a new home router, you can preorder the Luma for $99.

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