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The GooDee Projector is a low end LED projector featuring 2 HDMI ports, VGA, AV jacks, and a robust cooling system for a reasonably low price of $189.99. It comes with an HDMI cable and remote control in the box, making the setup fairly painless. It’s one of the best long throw projectors in the budget sector, though it falls flat against the best projectors for daytime viewing thanks to its low peak brightness.

Why We Like It – GooDee Projector

The GooDee Projector is a solid low-end home theater video projector aimed at the low budget market. Despite its low price, it sports an HD resolution; while it’s still not 1080p, it makes for a solid movie projector on a tight budget thanks to its ability to actually display HD video in HD, something some budget projectors cannot claim to do.

  • Low price
  • HD
  • Decent port selection
  • Mediocre build quality

Performance/Resolution Etc.

Coming in at a slightly weird resolution of 1280×768, the GooDee Projector is a decent budget option for media consumption. Picture quality is adequate, surpassing both the QKK Mini Projector and Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector, but it’s still very clearly a budget screen. Image quality in dark scenes is mediocre thanks to a middling contrast ratio of just 2000:1, but for less than $200 it’s difficult to complain too much. If 1080p is a must, consider spending extra for the Vankyo V600; it’s brighter and comes at a higher native resolution.


Brightness is adequate on the GooDee Projector. It’s bog-standard as far as low-end and even mid-range projectors go; it’s fine in dark and dim rooms, but colors will appear dim and washed out in brighter rooms and in direct sunlight. There’s certainly no Epson Home Cinema LS100 in the brightness department, but that’s to be expected; Epson’s offering costs over 10x as much.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

Decent port selection, an included remote control, and a dedicated focal lens wheel means adjustability is quite solid on the GooDee Projector, particularly for less than $200. It’s a very standard $200 projector, through and through; it lacks the software versatility of something like the BenQ TK850 Projector, which has the option to run full-fledged Android TV, but the cost of a GooDee Projector paired with an Amazon Fire Stick or something similar comes in at a fraction of the cost.


GooDee promises “up to” 50,000 hours of lamp life on their budget offering, but that claim is a tad dubious; that eclipses high-end DLP projectors like the ViewSonic 4K Projector and high-end laser projectors by a very huge margin, which–when compared to a laser projector–is plain technically infeasible. Misleading marketing aside, durability is fine on the GooDee Projector; build quality could be better, but GooDee has few quality control issues to speak of and the projector should ultimately last a long while.


Value is where the GooDee Projector mostly shines. It’s priced very attractively, bringing HD resolution to the table at a very low price; many projectors in or near this price range either lie to or mislead the consumer on their resolution, or plain aren’t even 720p at all. A true HD projector with this spec sheet at this price makes for great value, even if better overall options exist at similar–but higher–price points. The cheapest home theater projector worth checking out is the ViewSonic PX747 that offers true native 4K resolution.

GooDee Projector Wrap-up

As far as budget projectors go, there’s nothing really wrong with the GooDee Projector. It’s unfortunate that GooDee misrepresents their lamp life heavily, but the overall product is still solid, and if you can’t shell out extra money for something like a Vankyo V600 it’s a very solid buy.

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