Edifier Prisma BT 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers Review

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Updated March 18, 2023
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Prisma BT

Wireless music listening! Oh, the joys of remotely manipulating playlists and adjusting sound settings is a marvelous one. Yet in our house, for some time wireless audio enjoyment consisted of the wife or I dispatching our mildly compliant offspring to press this button or that on our home theater system. Effective? Yes! Crude? Immensely! An adequate Bluetooth placeholder…? Only if I squint really hard and paint my daughter’s chompers blue! This is definitely one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a wholly viable option. But the wife had a more practical idea. “Honey, the paint is for the new den. Why don’t you review a few Bluetooth speaker sets? See what’s what and avoid a visit from Child Protective Services.” The “short bus” school of thought loses out again.

Thus, Edifier to the rescue! Today we give you the Edifier e3350BT Prima BT speaker system. It’s a stationary 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system with a tethered control unit. Bluetooth tech is version 2.1 and the Bluetooth profile is A2DP. Edifier has a variety of color options including Black, White, Silver, Burnt Orange, and Gem Blue–and they all look HOT! They could be great party speakers. You should also go through our Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker review which is also as elegant as this model.

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But don’t expect much in the way of added/included accessories. The Silver unit sent to us gives off the air of a premium product with its unique rounded prism shape on both the speakers and the subwoofer. The power button rests at the top and glows red until the unit is paired with a supported Bluetooth device like an iOS device. Upon successful pairing, the light turns appropriately “Blue”. This is a much more discreet way of signifying pairing. Many competing BT speakers give off irritating beeps or other audible tunes to register a complete pairing. No thanks. I prefer Edifier’s color-coded function.

The sound quality on the Prisma BT set is like a new diapason. I have indeed found my cost-effective standard for Bluetooth speakers in the $100+ range. Rich, full audio with Windex-washed clarity is what meets your ears at the gates of “Canorous” City. I can’t get enough of the audio. The tweeters are 2-way satellites. Midrange speakers come in as a pair of 3/4 70mm speakers. Moreover, each of these sets of speakers is magnetically shielded. You can also go through our DBEST Duo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker Set review for much smaller and portable speakers.

We’ve all had this experience: you get a really astounding speaker or headphone set that compels you to go through your old music favorites. This is one of those experiences. The Prisma BT speakers crank without losing clarity or adding distortion. The sound fills our midsized living room, travels through our den, and fills the connecting kitchen. Impressive stuff!

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For added “thump” spin the dial on the 5-inch fire driver subwoofer. It’s a nice touch for fine-tuning your variety of music choices. The bass control adds just enough flexibility to cater to many music styles. The attached multi-function wired volume control is a pretty basic dial. Yet I truly appreciate this method and not the seesaw-style button found on other speaker units, like the Doss wireless Bluetooth portable speaker. This makes for quicker and simpler volume adjustments. The volume control also has a flip-up door which hides a pair of ports for AUX and headphone jack. This Edifier also included a 3.5mm connector cable. All you need are the tunes.

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Bottom Line: Shop no further. For just over $100 you can have a superior audio experience in an elegant form factor. The appeal is only surpassed by its diminished cost of entry.


  • Rich full audio performance
  • 2.1 speaker set w/ thumping woofer
  • Volume and bass controls
  • Distinguished high-end artsy design
  • Affordable!

You can buy the Edifier Prima BT Bluetooth speaker set at Amazon for $129.99

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