Dell’s XPS 12 Is An Attempt To One-Up The Surface

Microsoft’s Surface, when it arrived in 2013, was seen as a bold move by a company normally defined by playing it safe. But it was also a hard sell to Microsoft’s more conservative corporate audience, and many thought it was just too advanced and that it’d need time to find its place. Apparently that time is now, because Dell is making their very own knock-off.

Surface Tension

The XPS 12 is just a rumor, for now, but it’s a lot like the Surface in quite a few ways. The most obvious is its form factor, with the tablet and keyboard dock it clicks into. That’s a big switch from the convertible laptop designs of previous Dells in this category. It even has the delightful little kickstand. There are, however, some very important differences as well, the most fundamental being that there’s a 4K touchscreen on this particular take, and that it promises an absurdly thin bezel not unlike Dell’s XPS 13. Since this isn’t technically an official product yet, there will likely be a few others, but that by far will be the most attention getting.


Dell XPS 2015 Leaked
Of course, this is likely just the beginning of the march of the Surface clones; Apple has already rolled out its enormous iPad and we haven’t even seen what Microsoft is readying for Windows 10 yet; we won’t see that until early October. Suffice to say it’s likely to be fairly dramatic; Microsoft is going to make a bid to get Windows 10 back in front of every pair of eyeballs they’ve ever lost to Google and Apple, so expect things to get interesting fast. And also expect far more than just Dell to deliver new Surface-like devices; the next few years are going to be interesting for laptops.

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