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AmpliFi Announces New Mesh Wi-Fi Extender for the Home

AmpliFi Router Press Release
The AmpliFi Router combines Apple-like design with serious wireless performance

This week, the San Jose-based networking equipment manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks announced the arrival of its newest division, Ubiquiti Labs, along with their latest product in mesh networking, the AmpliFi Wi-Fi system.

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As companies like Eero, Luma, and Arris all begin dipping their toes into the water of mesh networking, the AmpliFi joins the ranks with a unique design unlike anything else on the market today. For too long, consumers have only had two choices when it came to home networking equipment: buy a smaller router that looked good but didn’t have much range to speak of, or buy a big, bulky eyesore of a router with huge antennas sticking off the sides to get the signal where it needed to go.  So the question remains: can the AmpliFi range of routers be the one of the best wireless routers for 2016?

AmpliFi Mesh Networking

The AmpliFi uses mesh networking to push a strong, reliable signal to every corner of your home

Now with mesh networking however, routers like the AmpliFi can use complimentary extenders that increase the reliability of your home network in all rooms of the house, without sticking a bunch of aesthetically unpleasant antennae all over the router that sits front and center in your living room or dining room.

Designed with the help of a former employee at Apple, the AmpliFi is made to be a router that takes center stage in the design of your living room, instead of being shoved off into the shadowy corners. With a bright LED display on the front which updates users on network usage statistics and the current time, the AmpliFi alternates between a networking device and a coffee table clock seamlessly, blending into the background of your favorite spaces in the home.

The AmpliFi also features a companion app for Android and iOS devices which makes it easy to get your router/extnders out of the box, synced up, and setup for wireless communication within minutes. The AmpliFi will begin shipping in summer of 2016 in three separate flavors: the AmpliFi, AmpliFi LR (short for “Long Range”), and the Amplifi HD. You can pre-order yours now for $199, $299, and $349, respectively.

3 Comments to AmpliFi Announces New Mesh Wi-Fi Extender for the Home

  1. Brad

    This system looks amazing. However, I love how everyone says you can put this device anywhere but they always leave out the fact that you still need to connect it to your Internet Modem via an Ethernet cable. How many people have Ethernet port in their living room or their Internet Modem sitting on a coffee table?

    • Chris Moore

      Good point Brad, I was actually thinking the same thing. Having said that, I have purchased 4 of the most expensive routers and they were great within decent range but fell off the map when going downstairs, so I am stoked about this solution! Coffee table or not:)

    • focuspuller

      But a lot of people have COAX for TV….

      Just use the COAX in your house and make a MoCA network. TV and Internet at every COAX outlet!

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