Acer Dual-Screen Laptop Concept

Acer may be planning a major break from traditional notebook design with a dual-screen model reportedly leaked late Saturday. The prototype spotted by TechReviewSource would have two 15-inch displays, both of which would be touchscreens; one or the other could replace the physical traditional keyboard and trackpad with touch input for both. Either would support multi-touch and could switch to drawing gestures for special tasks.
Details of what’s inside the system are scarce, but it would run Windows 7 and for now runs on a 2.66GHz Core i5. The system isn’t due to ship until late 2011 and isn’t guaranteed for production. As such, the specifications are likely to be upgraded by the time it ships.
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Acer has definitely got something new on their hands with this prototype dual-screen laptop. It’s sporting dual 15-inch displays, which are both multi-touch. One can be used to view things, the other as a virtual keyboard or pretty much anything else. A large surface whose controls are application-changeable could be a great idea. This sort of stuff excites me, but the software/OS has to work perfectly with the hardware for it to work. Throwing Windows 7 on something like this isn’t good enough, but that’s what it seems Acer is going to do. Thankfully, its just a concept right now, so maybe we’ll get something better by the time it (might) be released.


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