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Belkin Tune Talk:Turn Your iPod into a Voice Recorder

We know everyone has an iPod at this point. We also know that everyone hates taken notes. Enter the Belkin Tune Talk for you iPod. It transforms your iPod into a digital voice recorder. The latest iteration include one touch re...

Portable Infrared Sauna

We're not sure if "elevating your heart rate" is something you wanna advertise, but putting aside any life threatening side effects, this thing is damn 'hot' and damn expensive. For $5k you too can have your own portable sauna ...

USB Clock

Is it a clock with built-in USB ports, or is it a USB port with a built-in clock?  In either case it appears to have 3 USB ports, but don't expect anything fancy, as it sports USB 1 only. Handy Dandy USB Hub w/ LED Clock [Every...

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Samsung SCH-A990 3.2MP Phone Released in US

Verizon today launched the "first 3.2 megapixel cameraphone" in the US today. The A990 includes features such as video recording (up to 1 hour with a microSD card), photo editing, music support and wireless printing. Also inclu...

Floating Magnetic Bed

Why we didn't see this bed in Back To the Future 2 is unknown, but why people won't be purchasing this to sleep on, is. No, it's not because the bed floats in air free of wires, or that it took 6 years for Architect Janjaap Rui...
Cell Phones

Pocket Sized Projector that is Cell Phone Ready

Not too long ago we saw a phone with a built-in projector. Well, if you don't want to upgrade your handset and still obtain similar functionality, then you're in luck. The Explay projector, still in testing, is a "matchbox size...


Google Checkout Arrives Tomorrow

After much rumor, Google will finally release its payment service tomorrow. Long rumored to be a "Google Wallet" and to be a Pay Pal killer, the new Google product, called Google Checkout, will actually be a processing system f...

High End Router for $5, just share your Internet

How does a consumer level WiFi router for $5 sound? If you're willing to share your Internet connection for 12 months then you got yourself a deal. A company called FON, which has supposedly raised $21.7 million in capital from...

USB Fan Shirt

Wanna look like the State Puff Marshmallow Man, but keep your pits cool? Pick up one of these fan shirts. Plugs into your car's cigarette lighter, USB, and also runs on AA batteries for true mobility. USB Air Conditioned Shirt ...


Parvus Launches WL 1000 Wrist Computer

Parvus has finally launched their wrist wearable computer. The Linux or Windows CE based machine - depending on user preference we assume - will operate over GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. The WL 1000 also sports a 3.5" QVGA touch sc...

Switchblade: Shape Shifting Plane

By 2007 we might see (probably hear) a blueprint of the first unmanned plane that can attack its enemy at super sonic speeds. The Switchblade will be designed by Northrop Grumman and funded by a US government $10.3 mSwithbladeh...
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Nintendo Wii Release Date

You know we can't resist posting on potential release dates for the upcoming Nintendo Wii (Revolution). According to Cubed3, who spoke to an industry source, we'll be seeing the Nintendo Wii on November 6th in the USA. While th...