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Samsung SGH-F700 Available in EU Q4 2007

Looks like Vodafone will get Samsung's latest and greatest. Should appear, according to Aving, in Europe November this year (2007). The SGH-F700 emerged earlier this year, made a quick appearance at the 3GSM Word Congress where...

Ugobe Delays Pleo Release

I just received an email from Ugobe informing me that the Pleo will be slightly delayed. No word on how back dated orders will be, but Ugobe has some what guaranteed that the preorder folks (first hatch) will still receive thei...

iPod Touch Tech Specs

I took the iPod Touch specs listed on and threw them in what I've deemed the correct 'priority'.  Looks like it lacks Bluetooth! Big Take Aways • 3.5? Display at 480x320 pixels (163 PPI) • Battery does: 22 hours of mu...


AirBus A380 Brings a Whole New Meaning to ‘Crapping with A View’

My friends over at Aving News got some pics of Korean Air's gigantic Airbus A380 - you know that winged monster of a plane? They've got some pretty detailed pictures if you click over. What was my biggest take away you ask? The...

Ebay Sellers Still Jacking iPhone Buyers

More then 24 hours after the iPhone price drop and Ebay sellers are still pushing them out the door at a premium. You'd think that the Apple event would've hit the far reaches of the globe but I guess not. That's what you get f...

iPod Touch (Touch Screen iPod) Announced

Announced today is the iPod Touch. Some things you should know. - It will come in two sizes: 8GB and 16GB - $299, and $399 respectively. - It will have a WiFi - You’ll be able to download songs via the iTunes WiFi Music Store a...

Cell Phones

8GB iPhone Price Drop

The 8GB iPhone will drop to $399 starting today. Should we expect the same on the 4GB? I can hear the pitter patter of Apple fans racing to the store! Update: Looks like Apple has discontinued the 4GB (see pic above). I've read...
Cell Phones

LG Set to Release All Touchscreen Phone in Q4 – iPhone Killer?

LG will show off its recently unveiled KS20 at IFA 2007 (Europe's largest Consumer Electronics show), which begins this Friday, August 31st.  It's slim at 12.8mm thick and features a 2.8" touch screen display.  It runs on Windo...

Xbox 360 (Not Elite) with HDMI

I'm sorry.  I thought you could only get HDMI if you bought the Elite system?  According to this Amazon listing you can pick up the Xbox 360 with 20GB HD and HDMI for $350. Anyone else thrown for a loop?


Acer Snaps up Gateway

A cool $710 million later and you too can own the 3rd largest PC maker in the US. Acer is simply looking to increase it's footprint here in the US and also prevent Lenovo from making yet another acquisition. What's shocking is ...

Paramount Drops Blu Ray For Cold Hard Cash

Paramount has dropped Blu Ray in favor of HD DVD. One, its cheaper to produce HD DVD discs. Two its more “market ready? – whatever that means. And three, HD DVD offered (allegedly) $50 million and $100 million in marketing doll...

Prediction: New iPod Nanos on 9/18 or 9/25

I don't know this for sure - it's a guess, ok - but I am predicting that Apple will release new iPods either on 9/18 or 9/25. Why you ask? We'll first off Apple is currently running their College Student 'free Nano (rebate)' wi...