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These Shoes Smell So Good You’ll Wanna Lick ‘Em

Reebok, the masterminds that they’re, have teamed up with Koolaid to create the Smellashoe (I made that up…genius, huh). These fun and completely out of the box (pun intended) shoes will come in 3 scented flavors: grape, cherry...

U-Dance Game Takes A Cue From Motion Capture Technology

Tiger Electronics’ newest offering, the U-Dance, promises to ‘let players actually step into the game through proprietary features and patented technology’. So you’re probably wondering how U-Dance will compare to Konami’s 'Dan...
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Toshiba G450 Modem/MP3 Player/Phone

The Toshiba G450 is not a mass appeal piece of equipment. Designed primarily as a USB modem (GSM/UTMS), the G450 can also make phone calls and play MP3s, which are displayed on its OLED screen. Unfortunately, the G450's frequen...

Green Energy

Nike’s First Performance Shoe Made of Waste

Nike and Phoneix Sun’s guard, Steve Nash, unveiled the Nike Trash Talk Friday, which is Nike’s first performance basketball sneaker produced from manufacturing waste. Three different color variations will be available at $100 a...

LCD Touchscreen Powered Vespa

What’s cooler than a Vespa with a Louis Vuitton seat? A Vespa with a Louis Vuitton seat and a touch screen LCD runing Windows XP of course! This red showboat of glory won the “Best Modern Vespa award” at the Amerivespa contest....
Cell Phones

iAno: iPhone Piano Simulator

[GR]ycIjt-ykWRo[/GR] Last week I posted about the iPhone Guitar app. Today, or actually yesterday, the iAno emerged (iPhone + Piano). In order to install you’ll have to Jailbreak your iPhone, but it’ll enable a complete four oc...


MirrorPilot: Rearview and GPS In One

One of the dangers of enjoying GPS navigation is the inherent distraction. The GPS MirrorPilot looks to eliminate this problem. Integrated into the rearview mirror is an ANTARIS 4 GPS receiver and a 65k color, 2.2” QVGA screen ...
Cell Phones

Scotch Tape = Improved iPhone Signal Strength

According to iPhoneatlas, an improperly seated SIM card can impact iPhone signal strength. Ejecting and then re-seating the SIM can sometimes resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work - try the following at your own risk - placin...
Green Energy

Wind Up PMP

Although the Eco-media player will never catch on like the iPod or iPhone, it’s sure to set a precedent for self-powered portable PMPs. The device can play movies, music, photos, and the radio. It even charges your cell phone w...


In 200 Million Years This Clock Will Remain Accurate

How they know this is beyond me, but according to U.S. physicists they’ve crafted a clock that will neither gain nor lose a second in the next 200 million years. The unnamed clock even out performs the U.S Commerce Department’s...
Green Energy

OneCat Oxygen Car Is 1 Year From Production (video)

[GR]nOKP3Ao5P6M[/GR] Forget about the Prius and forget about the Tesla (ok, don’t totally forget about the Tesla cause it’s a cool all electric sports car). It’s all about oxygen, or air powered cars. According to its inventor,...

Fire Glove: Light A Cigarette With Your Finger (video)

[GR]x-QKYlqfWJ4[/GR] Motivation is an odd thing. Some people don’t have it and others have too much of it. Matiah Shaman might just be the latter of the two. Course he’s also probably some sort of genius. According to Matiah he...