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New Fraud Protection:Voice Recognition Credit Card

I just stumbled across this while reading this month's issue of Popsci. Have you ever worried about a crook snagging your card and ordering high end goods over the phone? Well, the Beepcard contains a prototype paper-thin speak...

Amazon Launches DRM Free, 256Kbps MP3 Store

For years I’ve been complaining about the iTunes Store’s shoddy sound quality (128Kbps). If you can’t tell the difference then you get your ears checked. Today, Amazon launched their Music Store called AmazonMP3. It’s straight ...

Xbox 360 Premium $290 Shipped (never heard of it) has the Xbox 360 Premium - that's the one with one controller and a 20GB hard drive - for $290 shipped. I don't know where tax is applied but negligible at a price like this. In order to get this ...


Costco Now Selling 16GB iPod Touch and 8GB Nano

Just took a walk through the Culver City Costco.  The've got the 16gb iPod Touch for $389.99 and the 8GB Nano for $189.99.  Didn't see all the colors for the Nano but nor did I flip through all 100 (exaggeration) plastic packets.
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Blackberry 8820 Now Available on AT&T Wireless

Not the most exciting news, but I am pretty sure the Blackberry 8820 is new to ATTWireless' cell phone line up.  The difference between the 8800 and the 8820 you ask?  WiFi of course! More details and available here for $299 wi...
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Blackberry Curve 8310 Release Date?

According to the Boy Genius Report we should expect a new Blackberry Curve 8310 - the one with GPS and colors - as of October 4th, 2007.  I know I have a few buddies who've been holding out for this update so here you go.  Expe...

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AT&T Moto Q9 Discount Appears on Rebate Card Form

Although the Moto Q9 Global - as AT&T is calling it - isn't available for purchase on AT&T Wireless' site just yet, their PDF rebate form contains a $50 rebate card line item for the device as of 9/17/07.  I'd expect to...

iPod Touch Review

PCMag has got a pretty thorough review of the iPod touch. They’ve basically reiterated what we already knew (slim, sleek and cool) but have reaffirmed our dropped jaws. They’ve also noted a new feature: push the tactile button ...
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Apple Gives Back $100 to iPhone Users but Through TXT Msg and Makes Money

As you've probably seen by now Apple has posted details on its website on how to recieve your $100 store credit if you purchased an iPhone before August 22nd, 2007. To see if your eligable just go here, punch in your serial num...


iPod Touches Available Early

Got this via Engadget. Looks like some of the Apple stores are already carrying the iPod Touch. The online store still lists them as available on 9/28, though. Josh Mobley is the guy who got his hands on the 'Touch' and managed...
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Samsung SGH-F700 Available in EU Q4 2007

Looks like Vodafone will get Samsung's latest and greatest. Should appear, according to Aving, in Europe November this year (2007). The SGH-F700 emerged earlier this year, made a quick appearance at the 3GSM Word Congress where...

Ugobe Delays Pleo Release

I just received an email from Ugobe informing me that the Pleo will be slightly delayed. No word on how back dated orders will be, but Ugobe has some what guaranteed that the preorder folks (first hatch) will still receive thei...