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Zeemote: Bluetooth Analog Joystick For Your Cell Phone (video included)

There are plenty of cell phones that feature games. Currently, most handsets don't warrant add-on peripherals, or more then 5 minutes of your time. Fortunately, we'll probably begin to see that change later this year as more an...

Blu-Ray Wins HD DVD Battle and Rolls Out Make Up Line to Prove It…?

At a glance, the title of this article has complete credence given HD-DVD's recent demise. Heck, Netflix just signed on to do Blu-Ray only. But the reality of it, is that Cargo Cosmetics launched this line of make up specifical...

Free WiFi For iPhone Customers Around the Corner

Today, Starbucks and AT&T announced a partnership to offer free and paid WiFi at all Starbucks locations. The partnership with AT&T ends a six year deal with T-Mobile. Though, a deal was struck with AT&T, and T-Mobi...


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Fully Customizable Cell Phone or Vaporware

zzzPhone (or Sleep Phone?) intends to offer fully customizable phones. Starting at $149 you can add an array of features which include speakers, 3, 5 or 7 megapixel cameras, two SIM card slots, a water resistant layer, gold acc...

Sonic Boom Valentines Day Clock

I wrote about the Sonic Boom alarm clock back in March '07.  Just like Apple, and the rest of the retail world, they too decided to jump on the Valentines band wagon.  It's essentially the same as its brethren, but comes wrappe...

Touch Sreen

Microsoft Surface To Appear At Home Sooner Then Later

According to, we might see a consumer level Microsoft Surface sooner then later. If you recall, the touch screen tables were announced last year to a lot of hype. In my opinion, that's just what they are. Come on! We w...
Cell Phones

16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch

Available immediately are all new capacities for the iPhone and iPod touch, 16GB and 32GB respectively.  The 16GB iPhone and the 32GB iPod Touch will both run you $499. Unlike the iPhone, Apple continues to offer 3 capacities i...

Speakers that Mount on the Inside of the Wall: Lucidity Speakers

Ever install a home theater system to have the girlfriend or wife complain how ghastly it looks placed next to her Abelias?  Well, if you're building a home and got the foresight (about your spouses dislikes and the moving in t...


Spice Gun: Pull Trigger and Season with Accuracy

Although this looks, and is actually purely conceptual, the idea is still great and sure to be conversation starter with any date you cook for. Pull the trigger, pressure is created and the spice is delivered with accuracy. It ...
Green Energy

Personal Wind Power for Under $100: Hymini

These days words such as 'cool' and 'trendy' emanate when folks stand around the water cooler chatting about 'going green'. Unfortunately, and usually, going green often means going broke. Hymini on the other hand, get's you go...
Cell Phones

LG Announces New Touchscreen Slider: KF510

A few years ago it was all about slim and sleek. Unfortunately, that doesn't grab headlines these days; at least stand alone. LG's newest slim slider, though, does rock an ultra tight body and packs in a ton of muscle for its s...