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aXbo Alarm Knows When to Wake

We just can’t get away from these alarm clocks. The aXbo Alarm Clock is by far the smartest, but we do have some skepticism to how effective it really it. The aXbo is a two module alarm clock: a wrist band that monitors and a b...

SmartLids Tell You When Too Hot to Sip

The Smartlid system is super simple.  Place the lid on a hot cup of coffee.  Too hot to drink and the lid turns from a coffee brown to a hot indicating red.  Once the coffee cools to a suitable temperature the lid returns to it...

Over the Counter Flight Simulator

Ok, so we didn’t think you could buy Flight Simulators “over the counter?, but it looks FAO Schwarz, the once defunct toy store, has the Morphis ESP Motion Simulator for $300,000.  With enough room for the whole family, includi...


Bluetooth Rearview Mirror with Parking Sensors

Can’t back up?  Can’t drive while chit chatting on your phone?  Are you 3 foot nothing and have trouble seeing behind you?  Then perfect, because the ModooFree gives you the ears and eyes to do all that.  The MHF-R330BT (if you...
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Sony Ericsson ‘Black Diamond’ Cell Phone

  With no ski pun probably intended, the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond is for the uber cool, yet coy individual in us all.  Spouting an essence of affluence from its OLED seamlessly integrated display, this phone is probably just...

Windows Vista eats up 800MB of RAM

As a blogger, I love being part of the rumor mill and spreading this kind of crap.  So according to the Inquirer, clearly a reliable source based on their name alone, Microsoft Windows Vista eats up 800MB of RAM all by its lone...


Hammacher Schlemmer Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speakers

From the makers of the Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers, comes a pretty unique wireless bluetooth computer speaker.  This wireless 2.1 stereo speaker system can be placed anywhere within 100' of your PC or Mac. The cool...

Toshiba et20 DVD surround sound projector

Looking to build a home theater room with a nice projector?  Not in the mood to run cables all over the place?  Then the Toshiba et20 may be the projector for you.  This all-in-one projector features a DVD player and built in 5...

KB-2800 Wireless Pointer Stick Keyboard

Keyboards with built in pointing devices are not a new invention. Keyboards have been equipped with trackpads for years now. However, the Trust KB-2800 Wireless Pointer Stick Keyboard is different. The KB-2800 features a unique...


New Sony Car Head Unit w/ Built in Bluetooth: MEX-BT5000

Sony’s newest head unit for the car integrates Bluetooth and hands free calling into one neat, sleek package.  A microphone is built directly into the device so no messy wiring is needed, and the caller’s voice is routed to the...

iGame iPod – Totally Fake One More Time

GadgetsOnTheGo dug up this picture.  Looks totally fabricated from where we sit, but no doubt will get some hard earned Blog posts (raising hand...and guilty).
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Sneak Preview of Parrot Bluetooth Products

We got a sneak peak of Parott’s two new wireless products set for a debut March 10th at CeBit Hannover.  Slated for a Q2 release, expect Bluetooth Hi-Fi speakers and digital photo frame.  No word on price.