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GTA 4 Multiplayer Screen Shots Leaked

Check it: Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer screen shots (not confirmed). I've pulled the ones that depict characters with screen names hovering over their head (there were others, but those looked to be single player). More pics ...

Netflix Admits Shipping Problem & Gives Back, Sort Of

I received an email from Netflix this morning saying "We're Sorry Your DVD Was Delayed" and offered me a measly 5% credit. I suppose it's better than nothing, but 5% of $15.99 is $0.80, not even the tax I'm charged monthly here...
Cell Phones

LG-SH240 Does Human Skin Finish

No, it doesn't look like human skin, but it supposed to feel like human skin, the keypad that is. LG is apparently grasping at straws with the SH240 and they'll do just about anything to garner some attention - hey it worked. I...


Transforming Mirror Sees All Angles

Obsessed with how you look from all angles? Then put away that hand held mirror (and the icy hot for your neck) and pick up this mirror. The center mirror illuminates - well, until you update your lighting system to accommodate...
Cell Phones

World’s Lightest Phone

Some folks are just straight up spotlight hogs.  As if Modu didn't recieve enough press about its modular phone, today the handset was announced as the "world's lightest mobile phone" according to Guinness World Records. The Mo...
Cell Phones

Samsung Launches Haptic Touch Phone (SCH-W420 or SPH-W4200)

Samsung announced their newest phone today, the Anycall Haptic.  Initially it will be available in Korea only, but hopefully it will get State side for Samsung fans.  The Anycall Haptic features tactile feedback along with audi...


Audioengine AW1 Review

Audioengine was kind enough to send me their newest product: the AW1. My experience to date has been fantastic. Read on for more details, but be sure to watch my first ever video review. I know, I know, it's not the most polish...

Panasonic Updates Toughbook 19F

Panasonic has updated its Toughbook 19F convertible tablet PC to include the Core 2 Duo processor and additional memory capacity. They also plan to launch a version that includes an integrated camera. The non-camera version is ...
Secret Door

Buy A Secret Door Here

If you're like me you've dreamt of the day of having your very own secret passage. Creative Home Engineering offers both custom and semi-custom secret doors. They've even got an 'anne frank' like pre-configured dresser so all y...

Green Energy

Play With Hydrogen Fueling At Home

Ok, so it's not a full sized car and worst of all it's not even remote controlled, but the H Racer and Solar Hydrogen Station let's you play with hydrogen fuel in your living room. Just add water and watch the solar paneled fue...

Lego Solves Rubik’s Cube In 6 Minutes

Guys over at TiltedTwister took the Lego Mindstorm and programmed it to solve a Rubiks Cube in about 6 minutes. How's it work? A light sensor reads the cube's color configuration then calculates the necessary moves and presto, ...

Make Your Own Twinkies

Ask anyone in the world and they'll confirm that a Twinkie can survive a nuclear fallout, especially Peter Griffin. Well, in case production ceases (ya, right) you too can now make your own Twinkies. The set includes a baking t...