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Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light

So we've seen the temperature sensitive faucet light, but that's useless for those with stand alone showers. The Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light does exactly what you'd think: emits red when hot and blue when cold. The o...

Burn Some Aggression With the USB Punch Head

Do you ever get that spinning colored wheel featured in the Mac OS?  If you're like me, it drives you nuts and you just wanna bitch slap someone something.  Well, I think I've found the solution: the Punch Head.  It connects to...

Portable Laser Show

Ok, so these devices are nothing new, but none have ever looked so cool - it's got the 'whole reentered Earth's atmosphere' thing going on. The Red Hot Laser Light Show requires four AA batteries and inclues a built-in micropho...


X-Wing Fighter Car

 What looked to be a Honda Sol (ya, remember those hideous things) is now an X-Wing fighter - or A-wing - minus the wings.  The R2 unit and cockpit details are beyond geekdom. [Geekstir]

Apple To Release DVR

A new patent filing shows that Apple will finally release a useful home media center solution: a digital video recorder. The patents not only indicates that you'll be able to record up coming shows and stream video from the iTu...

New $5 Dollar Bill – Holla!

Expect the new $5 bill to enter into circulation this Thursday. Fittingly, the new bill will be used at President Lincoln's Cottage at a sort of inauguration. The biggest changes are more color on its face and a large obscene '...

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Polaroid’s ZINK Printer In Action (video)

[GR]DR5j0eUF5Wk[/GR] I wrote about the ZINK printer a few weeks ago. I didn't know there was video floating around on YouTube - duh!
Cell Phones

HSDPA Modem Doubles As A TV Reciever

Huwei newest device, the E510 does double duty as a HSDPA modem and a digital TV receiver. Unfortunately, at the time of release at Germany's CEBIT they didn't announce which TV standard they've adopted - propbably Europe's DVB...
Green Energy

Key Chain Solar Panel

The only thing that makes Brando 's Solar Powered Key Chain a key chain, is the key ring attachment - come on, it's almost the same size as the pictured cell phone. Still for $22.00 it ain't half bad, and it will surely impress...


Acer Unveils Aspire Gemstone Blue Laptop

I'm an Apple fan, so you can imagine how tough it is to win me over. The Apsire Gemstone Blue is looking pretty attractive and it's got the guts to prove it. Included in the machine is a Blu-ray high def DVD player, Dolby Digit...
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Wasabi Smoke Detector

We're all familiar with Wasabi, the spicy green stuff that'll bring a tear to the toughest man's eye. Researchers in Japan are developing a smoke alarm system that will emmit a sprayed version of the condiment in the event of a...

Thanko Motorized TV Stand

Playing Guitar Hero 3 requires me to stand such that I can my best guitar moves on. The first few plays are always crap because I have to acclimate to looking down at the TV - an awkward angle if you know what I mean. The Thank...