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3D Hangman

3D Hangman – A New Spin On An Old Game

The Hangman game was always interesting one. Here you are a kid, impressionable, told not to cause harm to others, and then your character is violently hung for misspelling. A little harsh to say the least. The 3D hangman takes...
USB Thermometer

USB Thermometer Tracks Room Temperature

I am not sure what the practical application of the USB Theremometer could be, but where there's a product there's a way. It's pretty simple: the device plugs into your computer and records the room temperature at custom set in...
Teddy Bear Hidden Camera

Teddy Bear Hidden Camera

With all the perps millin' around our neighborhoods today, you really can't trust anyone, especially the babysitter. Ok, ok, I hate to be the voice of skepticism, but there are some twisted folks out there. Protection is of the...

Cell Phones
Cool G108 Watch Phone

Cool G108 Watch Phone

The Cool G108 Watch Phone looks more movie prop than cell phone. It includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity, a 1.5 inch 256k color screen, and an external display to make it, well, a watch. It also incl...

Quik Top Can Reseals Soda and Beer Cans

Ever crack a fresh brewsky only to realize you'd rather drink the two brothers, jack and john? The last thing you wanna do is let it go to waste, but unlike bottles you can't reverse the opening process. Enter the Quick Top Can...
Cell Phones
Verizon HTC Touch

Verizon HTC Touch Launch Date and Details

Verizon officially announced the release date of the HTC Touch (aka XV6900), as April 16th, 2008. The Verizon version of the phone - Alltel and Sprint already have it - will include GPS supported by Verizon's VZ Navigator mappi...

Apartment in a Wheel

The Hamster Wheel Apartment…If You’re Crazy

File this one under nuts. Mimicking that of a hamster wheel, the conceptual design puts a handful of rooms in a giant wheel like device. As you turn the wheel - looks like it takes some leg power - and alter its orientation it ...

This Is The Future Of Foozball

Some things never get stale no matter how old I get. Foozball is a timeless game that will be played well into my arthritic years. The problem? The tables are often an eye sore after a few years of wear-and-tear, and are as uni...

‘Star Wars: Force Unleashed’ Update

Yes, another video game update, but you'll be glad you read it. Gametrailers got sometime with the project lead of 'The Force Unleashed', and he revealed that you'll play a 'board' as Darth Vader as a sort of prologue to the ga...


Official GTA 4 Multiplayer Tomorrow…maybe

Looks like we might get a real look at GTA 4's multiplayer tomorrow (April 8th, 2008). I'm not gonna hold my breath, though. Why? Because the actual game will be released in just 21 days! Update: Here's a summary of the GTA 4 m...
Green Energy
Pill Light

A Pill Sized Light That’s More Effecient Than An LED and Hot As The Sun

This tiny little pill sized light bulb from the folks at Luxim, emits 'sun quality light' (should read spectrum) and at the core of the bulb radiates the same heat level, 6,000 Calvin. That's 140 lumens per watt - 15 lumens per...
Motion Bulb

Motion Detecting Light Bulb

Just like the infomercial says, don't spend hundreds on high end motion detecting light systems, get the Motion Bulb. Built into the tip of the bulb is a small motion detector. The detector is only active if there isn't enough ...