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Wimax Will Unleash Comcast And TimeWarner’s Death Grip On Us Peasants

Are you sick and tired of Comcast and TimeWarner?  Would you ditch your Cable company if you could get a decent Internet connect else where?  Well, in 2010 Clearwire is promising to make Wimax available for wholesale access.  C...

Something You Should Know: Apple Spends Just 3% Of It’s Revenue On R&D

I couldn't get my head around this one either.  According to a Business Week article that briefly analyzed 25 businesses, and what they're calling the BW Innovation Index, Apple made over $24 billion last year and only spent $7...

Toshiba Launches Gaming Notebook: Qosmio X305

I don't play PC games, or any games for that matter on my computer - I don't think my Macbook would get too far.  I know that there are die hard PC gamers out there and that's why Toshiba is getting in.  The Qosmio X305 sports ...

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Nokia 6205 Availability Announced With Dark Knight Frills

Ok, ok, so it's no Star Wars branded Nokia flip (nod to Donnie). The Nokia 6205 will be available beginning June 15, 2008 at Verizon Wirless' website. It's 'clad' in a mysterious black color and will be branded with a subtle Da...
Green Energy

Solar Powered Golf Cart

Golf Carts for a long while have been electric, so the 'green' implications of this 'get up' are a little over stated.  Nonetheless, it'll let you go 33% further between charges and every step toward renewable energy is a virtu...

PC Connection Coupons

PC Connection and Mac Connection have a few coupons running. Check out the below PC Connection and Mac Connection coupons for more details. PC Connection Free Shipping on All Order Over. Click to activate (Expires 6/30/08)

Cell Phones

Sprint Instinct Pricing Revealed

According to Phonenews, Sprint Instinct's pricing was revealed internally today. The Samsung Instinct's full retail price will be $449.99. If you sign a new two year contract you'll receive a $150 instant rebate and get a $100 ...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Bold Promo Site Launched

AT&T let the cat, or the black cat (get it, Blackberry) in this case, out the bag with the launch of the Blackberry Bold 9000 promo site. Unfortunately, they don't mention launch date and simply say its "expected to be avai...
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iPhone Dock Projector from Honlai

Ok, so no one knows, or probably cares, at least until today, who Honlai is, but an iPhone projector?  Really?  Seriously?  I am totally game if it can display video, but if the dock connector only allows for pictures to be dis...


BMW’s Shape Shifting Vehicle: GINA Light Visionary Model

Watch the video (after the 'leap'), but in short this is purely a conceptual BMW called the GINA.  It's covered in a polyurethane-coated Lycra fabric and sports embedded LEDs.  According to its lead designer, Chris Bangle, it t...
Cell Phones

Plan On Selling Your iPhone & Wanna Wipe The Private Data? You’ll Need This App.

According to Zdziarski it's harder than you'd believe to wipe your personal data from the iPhone before selling it.  Their process takes 2 hours and they don't guarantee it won't 'hose your iPhone', but anything that takes that...
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Philips Skype Phone (VOIP8411B/37) Review

Until recently I had one phone line, my cell phone. A few months ago I discovered the downside of my 'plan to simplify' in the form of a $130 phone bill. You see, since I started focusing full time on Gadgetreview I've been gab...