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USB Beverage Chiller Review

by Jeff Bordeaux Product development. It really has no boundaries. Imagine being at a creative meeting for Spencer Gifts, how fun and irreverent would that be? Think of all the ideas that don't even make it to production. What ...

Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router Review

[singlepic=298,460,380,,]Have you ever struggled with setting up a router, especially a wireless one? The biggest challenge I find is making sense of all those blinking LEDs. Furthermore, you practically have to be a Net Ops ad...

Abacus 24-7 Coupons and Discounts

Abacus 24-7 strives to provides the highest quality products on the market.  Abacus 24-7 specializes in printers ink and toner, cables and adapters and other electronic accessories.  Abacus 24-7 offers a 30 days return policy f...


Seal Shield Anti-Germ WaterProof Keyboard Review

By: Jeff Bordeaux [singlepic=288,460,360,,]I always make my chain-smoking roommate wash his hands before touching my Xbox 360 controllers or to share a bowl of popcorn with me. I guess I’m a little OCD like that. Though I had n...
Coupons Coupons and Discounts

What is it: is one of the largest and most respected jewelers on the web today and has served over a half a million customers since 1999. The specialize in diamonds, pearls and gemstones and were recently voted by the I...
Cell Phones

Altec Lansing T612 Review

[singlepic=234,460,360,,] If you've ever used your iPhone in conjunction with something that includes speakers (e.g. car stereo, home stereo, alarm clock, powered speakers hooked up to the dock) then you know how annoying the s...


Fujitsu Computer Coupons and Discounts

Fujitsu has long been a leader in slim and innovative laptop designs. The Japanese company to this day maintains thought leadership in the computing world and provides soup to nuts enterprise level computing products. Checkout ...

Agent 18 Eco-Shield iPhone Case Review

Wake up and smell the bandwagon. With more and more people and companies going "green" to help preserve our wonderful planet, it's a logical step for consumer electronics and accessories to adhere to sustainable practices. This...
PS3 Movie Downloads

PS3 Movie Downloads (rumor)

According to a post on Slashdot (via the LA Times), Sony will begin offering movie and TV downloads via the PS3 starting this summer.  Do I care?  Not really, because I don't own a PS3!

Dr Dre Headphones

HeadPhones by Dr. Dre …And What!?

By: Jeff Bordeaux Act like you ain't not heard, or maybe you have. For those who haven't, Monster Cable is releasing some high end headphones mutually designed by themselves as well as Dr. Dre. Two years in the making, it will ...
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Belkin 7-Port USB Hub (F5U237) Review

I was in desperate need of a USB hub the other day so I picked one up at my local PCMall. I came home, plugged it in and presto, I had 7 additional USB 2.0 ports (it's also backwards compatible with USB 1.1). A few days passed ...
GTA 4 Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked On Bit Torrent

First and foremost, I don't endorse downloading or trying to download a pirated copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. Why? A few reasons: The game is a mere 6 days away from release It's a 6.32 GB file You may not get the full or complet...