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zzzPhone Confirmed

Crunchgear has confirmed that the zzzPhone is in fact real and will be coming state side.  They'll be getting a review unit soon, so stay tuned for more details.  Purportedly, there might be the following OSs available on the d...

Fireproof & Waterproof Harddrives

Panasonic's Toughbooks are designed to withstand abuse from workers with 'in the field jobs' that might bump, knock, drop or scratch their laptops. SentrySafe hopes to complement those laptops with a new breed of hard drives th...

USB Duplicator: Copy To 20 USB Sticks Simultaneously

The USB200PC is so niche it's not even funny. I am not sure who needs to copy data to 20 USB sticks simultaneously, but if there's a product there's a need, sometimes. Unfortunately, it won't work as a USB hub. No word on price...


Faucet Buddy: See Temperature & H20 Wasted

In the past we've seen colored LED faucets and shower heads, in addition to a device that monitors how much electricity you use. The Faucet Buddy combines both of those inventions by displaying the actual temperature of the run...

Buckle Up Key Management System

The Buckle Key takes the 'buckle up' habit we're all so familiar with in the car and applies it to the key management system. Attached to the wall is the female buckle part of the system. Attached to your keys is the male buckl...

Polaroid Gets Into Kids Photography

So Polaroid gets out of the instant pic biz and goes kid photo friendly, WTF? The Pixie cameras capture 3-megapixel photos (there's also a video camera line), sport a 2.4"LCD, has a fixed focus lens and include games played via...


Sneak Booze Into the Game With These Binoculars

Similar to the Beer Belly and the Winerack, the Binocular Flask appears to be a regular pair of binoculars, but is in fact a flask in sheep's clothing. Each eye piece unscrews to provide access to a separate compartment, ideal ...
Cell Phones

Sprint Launches HTC Shift

Neither cell phone or computer, the HTC Shift has arrived in the US and is available on Sprint's network. It's ship March 24th for $1,500. Features you ask: EVDO copmatible Windows Vista and Microsoft Origami 2.02 Push Email (m...

Door Jam Alarm System

The Super Door Stop Alarm sounds a 125db alarm when pressure is applied to the foot pedal like device. Meaning the door would have to open onto it. On the converse, when the alarm is not turned on (total guess) it can act as a ...

Cell Phones

3-in-1 USB Memory Stick

What can I say, it's just one of those days. The details on this product, the Cellink M, aren't entirely clear, but from the looks of it, it doubles as a USB plug for compatible phones (not sure on the serial port) and can also...

Record Your Pet’s Nefarious All Day Activities

There isn't alot of details about the Pets-Eye-View Camera, but the obvious is that it's intended to record your dog's, or cat's activities. How much it can record is unknown, but my best guess is that the quality isn't top not...

Gutair Hero On Tour (aka Guitar Hero On The Nintendo DS) (video)

[GR]EJdU0f8STN0[/GR] Guitar Hero is coming to the Nintendo DS. It's called 'Guitar Hero On Tour'. Check out the commercial to see how it works, and all the cheese.