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Your Very Own Flux Capacitor

Straight out of the movie 'Back to the Future', this is or could be your very own Flux Capacitor, replica that is.  Takes 3 AA batteries and includes light controls, metal case, movie accurate details, its mountable, and number...

Sony’s Newest Bluetooth Headphones: DR-BT140Q

These will arrive July 25th and be available in 4 colors: Black, White, Silver and Pink.  They'll sport Bluetooth 2.0 and support protocols: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP.  Expect 12 hours of usages from the built-in lithium-ion batteries...

Xbox 360 Price Cuts…Maybe (rumor)

This isn't the official word by any means, but actually an analyst pontificating.  According to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, Microsoft will cut the price of the Xbox 360 and/or introduce new hardware.  He would then expect Sony...

Cell Phones

3G iPhone Purchase Details Emerge: You Can Buy In Store And Not Activate

One of the rumored downsides of the new iPhone (3G iPhone) is that folks would have to activate in store.  This would ultimately lead to obnoxiously long lines with each phone taking 10 - 15 minutes to activate.  According to A...
Cell Phones

Verizon Announces LG Decoy With Integrated Bluetooth Headset

We saw this design in a concept recently and now it's reality. Starting June 16th, Verizon will offer the LG Decoy, which includes an integrated Bluetooth headset that fits snuggly into the back of the slider phone. The include...

A Quick Hulk (2008) Movie Review

I saw the new Hulk movie at a midnight showing.  I'm surprised I even went because I'm not a die hard fan.  The movie's pacing is solid, the action is great and you don't end up with all that CGI blur that we saw in Transformer...


Wimax Will Unleash Comcast And TimeWarner’s Death Grip On Us Peasants

Are you sick and tired of Comcast and TimeWarner?  Would you ditch your Cable company if you could get a decent Internet connect else where?  Well, in 2010 Clearwire is promising to make Wimax available for wholesale access.  C...

Something You Should Know: Apple Spends Just 3% Of It’s Revenue On R&D

I couldn't get my head around this one either.  According to a Business Week article that briefly analyzed 25 businesses, and what they're calling the BW Innovation Index, Apple made over $24 billion last year and only spent $7...

Toshiba Launches Gaming Notebook: Qosmio X305

I don't play PC games, or any games for that matter on my computer - I don't think my Macbook would get too far.  I know that there are die hard PC gamers out there and that's why Toshiba is getting in.  The Qosmio X305 sports ...

Cell Phones

Nokia 6205 Availability Announced With Dark Knight Frills

Ok, ok, so it's no Star Wars branded Nokia flip (nod to Donnie). The Nokia 6205 will be available beginning June 15, 2008 at Verizon Wirless' website. It's 'clad' in a mysterious black color and will be branded with a subtle Da...
Green Energy

Solar Powered Golf Cart

Golf Carts for a long while have been electric, so the 'green' implications of this 'get up' are a little over stated.  Nonetheless, it'll let you go 33% further between charges and every step toward renewable energy is a virtu...

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