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Sprint Airave Signal Booster Release Date Announced

By: Albert S After numerous delays, Sprint finally announced the release date of the Airave signal booster: August 17, 2008. But what in the heck does it do, you ask? The little $99.99 device plugs into your broadband and blast...

Dell Adds 128MB Solid State Hard Drive Options To Notebooks

Are you buying a Dell XPS M1330 any time soon?  Then you might be glad to know that you can now add a Samsung 128MB SSD as your hard drive of choice.  Sure it'll cost you an additional $450 more than the included boring old 250...
Cell Phones

Free Music Ring Tones For The iPhone

There's no way this is gonna last. You simply: Go to this site Search for your song of choice and click on it Download the Ringtone version Double click the downloaded file Plug in your iPhone Sync And Whamo! you've got a free ...

Cell Phones

iCall: VoIP App For The iPhone

iCall might just be the real thing when it comes to making and receiving calls over WiFi via the iPhone. They guys at iCall say they've got a working prototype, but due to Apple's developer app NDA they can't give it to anyone....

Polaroid To Build Camera With Magazine Readers and Include Built-in Printer

The title's wacky because the idea is wacky.  According to Wired, Polaroid is planning a come back, albeit in corporation with UK magazine Amateur Photography.  Rumor has it that they'll be working with the mag and its readers ...

Real World Cloaking Technology Almost Here

I've written about this before, albeit a few year ago. But now scientists are much closer to a real working prototype that can cloak or hide 3 dimensional objects. In theory (i.e. on paper) it's totally practical to implement, ...


Grobag Egg Tells Room Temperature

I'm not sure I'd wanna depend on a 'novelty item' for my baby's safety, but that's what the Grobag Egg is supposed to do, sort of.  The egg's color changes according to the room temperature.  It probably turns red if it's too h...
Cell Phones

Motorola Atila Leaked

BRG, the master of cell phone leaked news, snagged the scoop on the Motorola Atila.  Apparently, it's the brother to the Motorola Alexander, except it lacks QWERTY.  I'll be honest, I haven't followed any Motorola news for fear...

Avatar Gaming Mouse Unleashed

NZXT just unleashed its newest gaming mouse, which features 7 programmable buttons and a 2600 dpi for ultimate accuracy.  It produces over 5.8 megapixels per second and a max frame rate of 6469 - I guess this adds to the accura...


Bugatti Veyron Hermes Edition

As if the Bugatti wasn't a gross enough display of wealth.  Now the uber rich can have the Veyron finished in Hermes leather and branding.  How much it costs, who knows, but I'm sure it's extra crazy expensive. Official site here
Green Energy

Cyber-rain Smart Sprinkler System

I'm not a home owner and nor will I be one any time soon considering LA's average house price. But if I were, I'd wanna save money and hopefully while doing so save the environment. More importantly, the city of LA has a lofty ...
Green Energy

D-Link Rolls Out New Firmware That’ll Save You Some Green

You see, I wanted to make the 'green' in the title a double entendre, but just couldn't figure it. Oh well, screw it, but you'll get my point after you read this. D-Link is set to release a firmware update (it's already been re...