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Gadgets At A Glace: Sanyo NVM-4370

What is it: A 4.3-inch touchscreen GPS with features slightly beyond the norm Features: 4.3-inch color touchscreen, text-to-speech, Bluetooth for handsfree with built-in mic, FM transmitter to get your MP3s to the car's stereo,...

Raon Everun Note For Under $900 Shipped

Raon announced their mini-notebook earlier this month, the Everun Note carrying 1024x600 7" touchscreen display and a 1920x1200 resolution. The tech specs show off just how much technology we can fit these days into such small ...
chevy volt gps

Chevy Volt Uses GPS To Adjust Engine Use

The new Chevy Volt communicates with the GPS to determine gas use. Say you're 30 miles from home and your Volt battery doesn't have enough charge to get you there. The integrated GPS relays this information to the system and tu...


New York Driver Licenses Go RFID

RFID still isn't a sound technology, at least from security standpoint, so I'm surprised to see New York state adopting the technology.  Fortunately, the NY RFID licenses only contain an encrypted identification number, or so t...

Harman Kardon GLA-55 Speakers Look Glacier Tasty

The GLA-55s most certainly strike a 'note' visually, and let's just hope they sound crystal clear. Ok, that's enough puns for one day.  The GLA-55s are self powered, 56 watts each, achieve a 60Hz - 20kHz range and include a tou...
zune update

Zune 3.0 Update Allows Free McDonald’s Wi-Fi Access

Great news for all you Zune users: free wi-fi access at all participating McDonald's locations. Just think, now you can download music AND smear your shiny little Zune with your grubby, grease-laden fingers. Top it off with a k...


Kodak Intros OLED Photo Frame

Kodak unveiled its first, and perhaps the world's first OLED photo frame today. Measuring 7.6-inches from corner-to-corner, the display achieves an 800x400 resolution and automatically optimizes photos thanks to Kodak's Perfect...

Audiobone 1.0 Waterproof Headphones

Take a dip and keep on rocking thanks to the Audiobone 1.0 headphones.  It's not the first set of bone conducting headphones that we've seen and I'm sure it's not the last.  The concept still remain novel, especially at $190 a ...
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Logitech Announces New iPod Alarm Clock: Pure-Fi Anytime

By now, everyone knows that the key to an Apple fan's heart is through design and functionality, hence Logitech's latest iPod alarm clock.  The Pure-Fi Anytime features a recessed dock to protect your iPod from that heavy hande...

vuzix av310

Vuzix AV310 Widescreen Video Goggles

By: Albert S The Vuzix AV310 video goggles is the first to deliver a widescreen 16:9 viewing experience by simulating a 52' (that's FEET not inches!) screen from 9 feet away. They claim it'll run for 5 hours on a single AA batt...
Cell Phones

Apple Updates Remote App To 1.1

Staying in sync with the iTunes upgrade Staying in sync with the iTunes refresh, Apple updated their Remote app to 1.1 today.  The update adds Genius functionality and the ability to edit and create playlists in iTunes from the...
Cell Phones

HTC Dream Launch Date

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the phone will be available for purchase, but T-Mobile will be holding a press event on September 23rd to announce (and show off) the HTC Dream, which will be the first phone to run Google...