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Mystery Solved: Rumored Nintendo Pedometer Is Just That

Remember that Nintendo Pedometer thingee majig that showed up online earlier this week? Looks like it's just that, and it's designed to be used in tandem with a yet to be released Nintendo DS fitness title (pictured). It's iron...

Asus S101 Ultra Slim and Trim Laptop

Feather me timbers!  Asus has gone computer bonkers.  First they've had massive success with the Eee PC and now they've unveiled a Macbook Air killer, the S101, which sports an Intel Atom processor under the hood.  It's .7-inch...

Tiny Wireless Keyboard With Built-in Trackball From Brando

Last week we saw two tiny keyboards that are fit for elf hands and 3 fingered character cartoons.  Adding to the mix is yet another Brando keyboard, only this one sports wireless and a built-in optical trackball with 1000 dpi. ...


NiteTrip Motion-activated Adjustable Night Light Review

If you need a night light to illuminate part of your house, such as the top of the stairs, you could get an ordinary night light that plugs into an electric wall outlet. However, this will only illuminate the area around the wa...

Gadgets At A Glance: Acer Ferrari F-22Bid 22-inch LCD Monitor

What is it: A limited edition - they'll only produce 500 - 22-inch LCD Acer monitor with Ferrari branding Features: 1680x1050 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms response time, HDMI, DVI and D...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Flip (aka 8220) Launch Date and Pricing

T-Mobile's Blackberry Flip, their first flip phone, will reportedly hit store shelves sometime mid October.  Pricing is variable with contract length, but expect to pay $150 with a 2-year and $200 with a 1-year contract.  Both ...


LG BD300 Ship Date, Price & Preorder Go Live

Ok, looks like my guess was 3 days off.  According to Circuit City's website, the LG BD300 will ship 10/10 and is available for pre-order at $50 less than what LG/Netflix originally announced. In case you forget, the LG BD300 i...

Optron Fluorescent Light Guitar Is All Touch Reactive

[GR]PusSVnRh3sw[/GR] As unreal as it could be perceived, the Optron Fluorescent Light guitar looks to be the real deal. Watch the video and you'll see its creator and player, Atsuhiro Ito, jam out while the light and audio reac...

Silver Bullet USB Drives Offer Remote Managment

Emails can be retracted, although it rarely works, but what about physical media? Hand a sensitive file to the wrong employee and you might find yourself starring at the wrong end of a pink slip. Silver Bullet's USB drives, and...


Limited Edition Resident Evil Dreamcast

I never thought I'd hear 'vintage' and 'video games' in the same sentence, but where there's a will there's a way.   Ebay seller 'hit-japan' has the very cool, very old Resident Evil Dreamcast called Biohazard Code Veronica.  Y...

News At A Glance: Netflix To Launch Mac Compatble Streaming Service

The Scoop: Netflix's streaming service isn't compatible with Macs due to the DRM.  Later this year, they've definitively said they plan to roll out a compatible codec so us Apple freaks can gain access to Netflix's 12,000+ movi...

New Software Tracks Your Carbon Footprint Via GPS

GPS is no one trick pony.  Long used for determining location, there are now numerous applications such as geo tagging of photos, social updates and now for measuring your carbon footprint. The software, wittingly called Carbon...