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Cell Phones

LG Unveils Prada II Cell Phone

At over $800 you'd have to be a style snob to sacrifice Apple goodness (i.e. iPhone) to opt for this touchscreen phone. But where there's a label there's an idiot willing to over spend.  Expect HDSPA connectivity, touchscreen, ...

Averatec Intros Smaller All-in-one PC

Pardon me while I reserve my excitement for something, well, more exciting. Averatec is set to unleash an 18.4-inch version of their all-in-one desktop PC (they've already got a 22-inch version available here) with a consumer f...

LG Embeds Hidden Speakers In Its Latest LCD: Scarlet LG80

There's a million - ok, probably more like thousands of LCD TVs out there on the market today. Manufactures will do just about anything to set theirs apart from the others. LG's latest Scarlet TV (LG60 and LG70 are the predeces...

Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

MSN Missile Launcher Review

The latest trend with video games is to play opponents over the Internet. While battling human opponents in your favorite game can be more challenging, you might want to take online gaming one step further and shoot at each oth...

Oregon Scientific Waterproof Action Video Camera

Waterproof cameras are nothing new, but you have to appreciate Oregon Scientific's ability to make the ATC5K applicable to everyday and extreme life. The self contained waterproof camera takes still photos, can capture 640x480 ...
Cell Phones

Nokia Concept Phone Uses Water Feedback Technology

Last time I checked, water and electronics don't go so well together.  None the wiser though, Rune Larsen's Nokia concept phone embeds a small layer of H20 just below the keypad with the intention of providing haptic feedback t...


Transdock iPod Car Charger

Ok, so there are like a million iPod accessories, but it looks like DLO got it right.  The Transdock is an iPod charger with a built-in AUX output and is void of any FM transmitter gimmicks.  It plugs directly into your car's l...

Electric Porsche From RUF Revealed

Remember that rumored electric Porsche from RUF I wrote about a few weeks ago?  Well, it's here and RUF has released some detail goodiness.  Unfortunately, there's no mention of price since it's still very much a concept vehicl...

Yet Another iPod Compatible Boombox: The Onkyo CBX-Z20 Aero

You gotta think that these iPod compatible sounds systems are cash cows.  Why?  Because everybody and their mother has built one.  Today, Onkyo announced the CBX-Z20 AERO.  It features an iPod dock, CD, AM/FM radio and remote. ...


Onkyo Launches Wireless Headphones For The iPod

Onkyo unveiled their latest 2.4Ghz wireless headphones today, the MHP-UW2. Its wireless dock, which looks abnormally large, is specifically designed to work with iPods, although a stereo plug is available for other MP3 players ...

OS X Paired With A Touchscreen

[GR]7ObbUsTaupA[/GR] Who knows exactly what Apple will unveil on October 14th, but it's doubtful the news will be a touchscreen Macbook.  For those of you that are wondering how OS X would behave in the touchscreen environment ...

Kensington 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices

I could so use one of these.  iPhone, iPod Shuffle, Bluetooth headsets...the list goes on. Available here for $28.