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Green Energy

Portugal’s Wave Farm Goes Live

Green energy is all well and good, it's just finding enough of it to make it viable.  The Pelamis Wave Power project is the real deal and has the potential to power hundreds of thousands of homes.  The snake like tubes float in...

Nike Hindsight Concept Glasses Provide A Fish Eye View

I think by now I've established myself as a bicyclist on the torrid streets of West LA and Santa Monica.  Riding in the road can be dangerous, especially with vehicles coming from all angles, which often requires me to whip my ...

Atomic D2 Vario Skis Are Like No Other

Skiing has been around for ages and for the most part the core technology has remained the same; skis, ski boots and 2 polls.  Atomic's D2 Vario skis bring a new and unusual approach to the sport.  Embedded in the center tip of...

Cell Phones

iSkoot Brings Skype To T-Mobile’s G1

Wow, that didn't take long.  Shit, it took over a year for someone to bring Skype to the iPhone and it's far from flawless. iSkoot for Skype will be available in the Android store starting today. Official release after the 'lea...
Cell Phones

MIU Builds A Ballsy Sidekick: The Hybrid Dual Portable Computer

Sitting somewhere between T-Mobile's G1 and the Sidekick, MIU latest phone (if you can call it that) is looking awfully tasty.   There's no word on a US arrival, but irregardless you should be tantalized by its dual screen mode...
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Cell Phones

Nokia E63 Leaked

I'm having a hard time discerning the difference between this purported leaked E63 and the fully released E71.  Does anyone know whats really being leaked here? The form factor is essentially the same, so what else?  From what ...

Cell Phones

BlackBerry Bold Available November 4

The BlackBerry Bold will be available on November 4 through AT&T. Price is set at $299 after rebates and new contract. I was never a big fan of blackberries but this one looks interesting indeed. Full press release after th...

X-100 Mini Folding USB Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling pads are often large in footprint and don't play nice with already packed laptop bags.  The X-100 Mini Folding USB Laptop Cooling Pad sports some transformer widgetry - ok it just folds up - and its built-in fans...
Cell Phones

T-Mobile’s G1 Android Phone Now Available To The General Public

If you felt slighted during the private sale of T-Mobile's G1 to preexsting customers, feel slighted no more! The G1 is now available for purchase to the mass public with a $180 price tag after a two year contract. Hurry, becau...


NeoCube Magnetic Puzzle Review

If you enjoy playing or manipulating puzzles, you’ll likely enjoy the NeoCube, a unique puzzle that consists of tiny magnetic spheres that allow you to twist, mold, and manipulate them to create interesting geometrical designs....
Cell Phones

Sonim XP1 Cell Phone Smashed With A Hammer

Remember the Sonim XP1, the virtually indestructible cell phone?  To prove its worth, Sonim has built a new promotional site running a live feed of the XP1 undergoing a hammer smashing.  As of writing, the XP1 had endured almos...
iPhone Apps

Ford Motors Builds iPhone App For Photos

Ford has gone completely bonkers! Or have they? In an attempt to leverage the iPhone's cool factor, Ford has built an iPhone app that enables users to enhance photos on their handset. Called the Flex Photo Lab, the app is inten...