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Transdock iPod Car Charger

Ok, so there are like a million iPod accessories, but it looks like DLO got it right.  The Transdock is an iPod charger with a built-in AUX output and is void of any FM transmitter gimmicks.  It plugs directly into your car's l...

Electric Porsche From RUF Revealed

Remember that rumored electric Porsche from RUF I wrote about a few weeks ago?  Well, it's here and RUF has released some detail goodiness.  Unfortunately, there's no mention of price since it's still very much a concept vehicl...

Yet Another iPod Compatible Boombox: The Onkyo CBX-Z20 Aero

You gotta think that these iPod compatible sounds systems are cash cows.  Why?  Because everybody and their mother has built one.  Today, Onkyo announced the CBX-Z20 AERO.  It features an iPod dock, CD, AM/FM radio and remote. ...


Onkyo Launches Wireless Headphones For The iPod

Onkyo unveiled their latest 2.4Ghz wireless headphones today, the MHP-UW2. Its wireless dock, which looks abnormally large, is specifically designed to work with iPods, although a stereo plug is available for other MP3 players ...

OS X Paired With A Touchscreen

[GR]7ObbUsTaupA[/GR] Who knows exactly what Apple will unveil on October 14th, but it's doubtful the news will be a touchscreen Macbook.  For those of you that are wondering how OS X would behave in the touchscreen environment ...

Kensington 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices

I could so use one of these.  iPhone, iPod Shuffle, Bluetooth headsets...the list goes on. Available here for $28.


USB Hamster Wheel Keeps You Cognizant Of The Proverbial Rat Race

It's probably safe to assume that this novelty toy will provide about 5 minutes of entertainment and then be relegated to the basement for destruction.  Nonetheless, they've wittingly replaced the hamster with a computer mouse....
Green Energy

Gadgets At A Glance: Watt’s Up? An Internet Enabled Electricity Meter

What is it: As the title says, an Internet enabled electricity meter.  Plug your power sucking device in and its built-in webserver uploads power usage to the website. Features: Usage can be recorded at all so...

The Rosaline Is A Practical Vacuum Food Saver

Take something old and put a new spin on it. That's exactly what Jongho Nho did with the vacuum sealer food saver concept.  The Rosaline uses a small handheld vacuum to suck the air out of a proprietary piece of tuperware, whic...


The Elettronico Touchscreen Faucet, Because You Can

Oh, please.  Do you honestly expect me to go touchscreen in the kitchen and bathroom?  Actually, I totally would, but I'm sure the cost is beyond unreasonable  The Elettronico Touchscreen Faucet is more than, well, a faucet.  T...

Expect A TouchScreen Asus Eee PC By 2009

Asus' general manager of Eee PC, Samson Hu, stated that they plan to bring a touchscreen version of the Eee PC to market sometime next year, all at a price point of around $300. Additionally, Asus plans to include Intel's lates...

Gears Of War 2 Zune Now Available For Preorder

By now you've heard of the special edition Gears of War 2 Zune.  The 120GB PMP comes with over 244 pieces of Gears of War media and there will be less than 6,000 of them available for purchase.  So if you're a die hard GW gamer...