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Lenovo Deters Thieves With Keypad Embedded Hard Drive

With all things tech shrinking in size there's no doubt you'll lose a device or two.  Much the like the iPhone's security, and previous phones before it, Lenovo debuted a portable USB 2.0 hard drive today that requires its user...

Gadgets At A Glance: iGala Wireless Digital Picture Frame

What is it: A touchscreen LCD photo frame with built-in WiFi Features: Send/Receive photos via Gmail and Flickr.   Microsoft's 'FrameIt' for weather, news and traffic updates.  1GB of on board storage, media card readers, 800x6...

The Most Extreme Winter Sled You’ve Ever Seen

Winter fun never looked so kick ass!  Even if you flip this here sled, you'll continue down the hopefully long down slope thanks to the built-in roll bars.  The only thing you'd have to worry about is whip lash and your brain s...

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AT&T Launches The Samsung Eternity, Another Touchscreen Device

AT&T launched yet another touchscreen device today, the Samsung Eternity, and like its namesake it'll probably take that that long for it to reach any level of popularity. Why so you ask?  They're selling it for $149 after ...
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Sony Mylo 2: Much Cheaper Than Before

No, you are not imagining things. When the Sony Mylo was first released in January of this year, it was a lot more expensive than it is now. At that time, the hefty price tag read $300 smackeroos, but all that has changed now. ...
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LG Swift From Alltel: Music To One’s Ears!

Alltel Wireless, America’s largest network, has partnered with LG Electronics and they have just launched a Fastap-equipped LG Swift music cell phone designed to please their faithful customers. The LG Swift is meets all the ne...

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Smartphones Unlocked With a PIG: Cheap and Easy

The SIM PIG is an innovative little chip like no other because unlike traditional methods of unlocking mobile phones, the SIM PIG can unlock the vast majority of headsets. The SIM PIG bypasses any network locks, which translate...

Gadgets At A Glance: HP Handheld Sp400 All-in-One Scanner And Printer

What is it: A handheld scanner/printer that scans information such as a barcode, sends/receives data wirelessly, then prints a smudge-free non-toxic image. Great for shipping companies such as UPS and Fedex because it can print...
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HTC Unveils Wimax Supported Phone, The Max 4G

HTC ain't messing around these days.  It seems like a day doesn't go by when they're not in the headlines.  Today, they announced the first ever smartphone to support both GSM and WiMax networks.  Dubbed the 'Max 4G', the phone...


A Device For Bicyclists That Can Trick Traffic Lights

Here in LA there are dedicated bike routes.  Hard to believe I know.  Unfortunately, city planners didn't take that meaning to heart and failed to include sensors sensitive enough to detect bicyclists at traffic lights.  This o...
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Gadget Leak: Nokia Wahoo Flip Phone With 1/2 QWERTY Keyboard

Nokia's latest leaked phone - it's currently under the code name 'Wahoo' - is a slender flip handset sporting dual screens, a 2 megapixel camera, a Blackberry-esque Suretype keyboard (two letters per key), music player, 2.5mm h...

Terminator Salvation To Include Moto-Terminator Bike

I don't know about you guys, but I'm anxiously awaiting the new Terminator film, Terminator Salvation - it's due out May of next year. In the mean time we'll have to make do with some of the teaser material, such as the Moto-Te...