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Intel usb 3.0 superspeed

Intel Announces Availablity of USB 3.0 Draft Specification

By: Albert S Intel announced the specs of their USB 3.0 "SuperSpeed" host controller standard. It's an open, free standard supported by the major players including AMD, Microsoft, and Dell. According to the specs, USB 3.0 maxes...
Dell Latitude E4200

Dell Announces New Ultra Light Weight Laptop: Latitude E4200

Weighing just 2.2lbs, the new Dell E4200 Latitude is more feather weight than light weight. It sports a 12.1 inch LCD, Intel CoreTM 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Processor, 1GB of RAM, 64MB SSD hard drive, Intel Graphics Media ...
Cell Phones

3G iPhones Might Not Be So 3G

According to Swedish weekly mag, the Ny Teknik, the newest iPhones, which sport 3G chips might have a flaw.   Apparently, some handsets sensitivity to 3rd generation network signals are way below 3G standards.  Ultimately, this...

Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset Helicopter

Kyosho Announces Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset Micro Helicopter

By: Albert S Kyosho announced a new Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset remote control helicopter. The makers claim it's a micro-helicopter done better due to it having a proper cyclic control. According to Kyosho, the control schem...
Popcorn Hour A-110

Popcorn Hour A-110 Media Player Available For Pre-order

By: Albert S The Popcorn Hour A-110 networked media tank is not your average media player. Following on the heels of the highly regarded A-100, the updated version adds several enhancements including SATA hard drive support, US...

Chrysler Plans EV-DO Car Integration: Uconnect

Remember car phones?  You know, those corded things that sat in the car's center console, or at the passenger's feet and used a cord to a box to another box in the trunk with an ugly antenna on the roof?   Looks like Chrysler i...

Cell Phones

Sprint 2008-2009 Handset Roadmap Leaked

Woops on Sprint's part.  BGR got the carriers handset roadmap from Q3 2008 to Q2 2009.  The big news you ask?  A new Blackberry, the 8350i to be exact, will be launched Q4 of this year.  Next to that, there's a phone called the...
Cell Phones

Best Buy To Start Selling iPhones September 7th

It was only a matter of time that Best Buy would concede and began selling the World's most popular cell phone (most popular in the last few months is what I'm going with here).  They'll start selling the 3G iPhone 9/7/08, just...

iPig For The iPod Hogs All The Sound

If your scratching your head, don't worry, I am too.  The iPig is one odd product, but surprisingly it boasts some pretty good specs considering its small footprint.  It's rockin' 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer - I assume the Sub s...

Cell Phones

BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Speaker Phone Review

I gotta be honest, prior to receiving the Supertooth 3, I had never used a Bluetooth speaker phone. Fortunately, the Supertooth 3's setup was straight forward and super easy to use, intuitive in fact. With in 5 minutes (includi...

Lenovo Unleashes The Thinkpad W700

By: Albert S I've been a fan of IBM (now Lenovo) Thinkpads for a while now and for good reason: they're rock solid, dependable machines that do exactly what they're designed to do. The W700 is no exception. It's a mobile powerh...
Cell Phones

Sprint Airave Signal Booster Release Date Announced

By: Albert S After numerous delays, Sprint finally announced the release date of the Airave signal booster: August 17, 2008. But what in the heck does it do, you ask? The little $99.99 device plugs into your broadband and blast...