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Gadgets At A Glance: Aigo Vodafone McLaren Mercedes PMP

What is it: A personal media player from Aigo called the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes PMP or MP5-MK3510 Features: 4.3-inch screen (480 × 272), RM, RMVB, AVI, FLV, DAT, MPG, MPEG and MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE with BBE and SRS codec compa...

Tesla Model S Makes Its Debut

Telsa, which recently laid off a large number of its employees due to a financial debacle, has finally unveiled their Model S sedan. According to Tesla, the 4 door Lithium-ion powered 'S' will get about a 240 mile range, hit 0-...

Kodak Announces Improved OLED Technology

Kodak announced their new and improved OLED technology featuring lower power consumption and increased lifetimes. The new material is called KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403 and uses green dopant technology to deliver increased dis...


Buffalo Technology’s LinkStation Mini NAS Is Hand Small

Buffalo's Linkstation Mini is an ultra small NAS drive, with capacities of up to 500GB to 1TB.  It's fanless in operation due to the 5400rpm drive limitation and has a low power consumption making it ideal for 24/7 use.  The dr...

Master Chief Collector’s Costume Halo 3 Style

Still don't know what to be for Halloween?  If you've got $630 to drop on an outfit, you're in luck, because you can grab this Master Chief Collector's Costume and represent the die hard gamer in you.  The costume includes a qu...

Robotic Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Soon your Roomba automated vacuum cleaner will have an outdoor buddy, the Automower.  Laden in solar panels, the mower can recharge its battery when the sun shines or return to its base station for an off the grid fill up.  Law...


Canon Selphy CP770 Hello Kitty Printer

Just in time for the holidays, Canon has slapped their Selphy CP770 printer with a Hello Kitty finish. The printer has a built-in bucket that's intended for storing photos, AC cord and whatever other crap you wanna tote along w...
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Cell Phones

Google Introduces Gmail For Mobile 2.0

Google recently launched their Gmail mobile version 2.0 for J2ME-compatible and BlackBerry phones. It features a host of improvements including significant performance boosts, multiple account management, multiple mobile email ...

Logitech Gives Guitar Hero Fans A Premium Wireless Guitar Controller

My largest complaint about Guitar Hero is the child sized plastic guitar included with the game.  After a few songs my hands are cramped and my wrist surges with pain.  Logitech, the purveyor of most things wireless, has offici...


Intel’s Cooling System To Cool Laptop Exterior

Intel developed a cooling system designed to cool the exterior of ultra-thin laptops. Up until now, all the cooling technology focused on cooling the interior of the laptop. But Intel, realizing the need to cool the exterior of...

Hyundai Genesis Apple Vehicle

Hyundai, a long time struggling car company, is finally starting to emerge from the subprime demographic. This year they introduced the Hyundai Genesis, a high end sedan equitable in comfort and luxury to a Lexus at a fraction ...

USI’s Latest, The MID-160, Looks Like A Feather Weight But Packs A Punch

Boxing analogies aside, Tawainese USI's latest MID is one sexy and svelte beast.  Showcased at the Intel Developer Forum this week, the MID-160 is rocking a 5-inch 800x480 LCD touchscreen, which can produce over 167k colors.  I...