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Microsoft Zune Price Drop On 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Models

According to reports, Microsoft is dropping the price of their Zune portable media player just in time for the holidays: 4GB Zune $99 (reduced $30), 8GB $139 (reduced $10), and the 16GB $179 (reduced $20). These prices should g...

Apple Is Now Shipping Their 24-inch LED Cinema Display

If you ordered Apple latest display, the 24-inch LED Cinema Display, you can expect it to ship in the next 7-10 days.  In the event you haven't ordered it, or don't know jack about it you'll be glad to hear that it's specifical...

A Police Car Even Michael Knight And Kitt Would Be Jealous Of, The Carbon E7

Thinking about running from the Fuzz, think again. Carbon Motor's E7 police vehicle features the latest in car technology and includes a heads up display, driver specific intelligent key, automatic license plate recognition sys...

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iCEphone: Triple Flip Phone Craziness

Flip phones were at one point all the rage (think Motorola StarTac), but now have been eclipsed by slider and candybar style phones.  Not so fast says one company.  I present to you the triple flip phone, The iCEphone.  I'm not...
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LG Officially Launches The Prada II & Surprises With Bluetooth Wrist Watch, The Prada Link

LG officially launched the Prada II smartphone today.  I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about it.  But LG and Prada have a little surprise, the Prada Link.  It's a watch with built-in Bluetooth and it's specifically desig...

Sony Intros 4 New Audio Products: MDR-NC7, MDR-EX36V, DR-BT160AS & SRS-M50

Sony launched 4 new audio products today.  Honestly, it's not the kind of news to break a sweat over, but worth noting in case you're in the market for noise cancelling headphones or pair of wireless and portable speakers. Firs...

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AT&T Launches LG’s First SmartPhone: LG Incite

AT&T just announced the availability of LG's first U.S smartphone, the Incite. Its specs are pretty standard ops these days - for a smartphone - but I ain't complaining. So what are we talking? First off, there is a 3-inch ...
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Lifetrons’ Gold Plated Internet Phone: For Those With Style

This ultra-slim, metallic Internet phone could well cost a fortune, as its price has not yet been revealed. For the more style-conscious among us, that remains a small hurdle as class, so they say, is priceless (even though eve...

CyberPower’s Black Pearl Core i7 Processor: New, More Powerful Platform

Power is the key word when evaluating CyberPower’s Black Pearl Core i7 Processor. This new platform has specifics that promise power above all others of its ilk, coming with a 3.2GHz 965 Extreme Edition processor, two 2GB ATI R...


Vibrating Toilet Seat: Is Toilet Paper With an Attitude Next?

Johnny Henry of Laurel, Mississippi has developed a prototype of a Vibrating Toilet Seat that is designed to “stimulate and make you feel good while you are there.” Probably easier than filling our stomachs with bran and all th...
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Gadget Review: R/C Alien Microfly UFO

You gotta love toys you can just pick up and play with. The instructions - what instructions! The R/C Alien Microfly UFO is no more then a balance weight, box cutter knifed Styrofoam and propeller. So, ya, my initial reaction w...
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Aurora LED Pool Table

Talk about pimp! Only available in Britain this extravagant LED pool table is sure to be the talk of your next crumpet party. It also doubles as a dining or card table top so you can jam it in your flat like that! Provided you'...