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Gadgets At A Glance: IOGEAR 16-Port USB PS/2 Combo KVM Switch (GCS1716)

What is it: IOGEAR's first attempt at a small to medium-sized business class KVM switch Features: 16-Port USB PS/2 connections for up to 256 computers, front panel manual switch, front USB port for system upgrades or peripheral...
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Verismo Announces Launch Date For VuNow Box (video)

Verismo's VuNow box just got a launch date of December 15th. I haven't been following the VuNow box but from what I'm seeing I like. The box supports SD and HD TVs (there are two models to choose from), BitTorrent, Youtube (oth...

The Concept Ice Vehicle (video)

Looking more like an amphibious craft than land machine, the CIV is, well, sort of both. How so you ask? The CIV, which stands for Concept Ice Vehicle is designed to navigate and drive on frozen water. It's equipped with Ice Pe...
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NVIDIA And Cray Announce Cray CX1 Supercomputer With NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU Computing Processor

NVIDIA and Cray announced the Cray CX1 supercomputer using NVIDIA's Tesla C1060 GPU computing processor. This new "super desktop PC", combined with 4 Tesla GPUs, packs in 4 teraflops, as in FOUR freakin' fast TERAFLOPS of ultim...

OS X Icon Pillow Collection

Here's the perfect holiday gift for the die hard Mac enthusiast in your life. The Icon Pillow Collection from Throw Boy can be purchased as a set for $149, or individually for $29. They're available here [Purepleasuredesign]
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VIA Intros The VIPRO VP7710 Touchscreen Commercial Computer (video)

VIA launched the VIPRO VP7710 recently, and it ain't looking half bad.  It's an all-in-one 10.4-inch touchscreen computer, requires no internal fans for cooling and is built specifically for commercial uses, such as kiosks, ban...


Carbon Fiber Wallet Helps Your Money Drift

I love seeing those dudes with the fatty wallets that they hold like burgers whenever they take it out of their back pocket.  Like a females purse, they never clean out their wallet to the point where it's like a beached whale ...

Volvo Makes HD Radio Standard On All Models…Almost

Volvo will be the first automaker to offer HD radio as standard equipment.  The technology will be available on all 2009 models except for one.  This means more channels, CD quality sound for FM listeners and FM quality sound f...

Counterpunch Boxing Bag Tracks Power & Speed (video)

Much like the Wii fitness, the Counterpunch makes exercise a game.  It keeps a tally of the number of punches (left and right) as well as magnitude.  Joe Calzaghe, who is now retired uses it and proved its worth by winning his ...


Hitachi and Maxell Release iPod Only Noise Cancelling Headphones

Hitachi and Maxell surprised the iPod world today with a pair of dock connecting and noise canceling headphones.  Before you get too excited, don't, they're not all that.  Although they do manage to combat external noise by as ...
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Gadgets At A Glance: Neuros LINK

What is it: Neuros LINK is their latest open source media player with the ability to play Hulu,, YouTube, etc. through their subscription-free 'Neuros.TV' service. Features: The kitchen sink of digital online and local ...
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LG Prada II Gets Groped & Photo’d

Ok, so the title sounds like a bad porn, but I'm just telling it how it went down.  CNet hit the launch party for the Prada II cell phone yesterday and knocked out a few pics and remarks.  Surprisingly, they said the touchscree...