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SoariPod Isn’t Painful But High Flying

No one wants to hold their iPod Touch through a 2 hour movie. So hence the SoariPod, which utilizes a vinyl coated clip (I assume the vinyl prevents scratching) to attach to a variety of surfaces. It's bendable neck design is r...
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Gadget Review: Swann IP-3G Newtork ConnectCam 1000

Every once in a while I'll request something to review that I can't fully evaluate because I am a MAC owner. When I request products I just assume that they will work for a MAC because MAC's are the best! At any rate, I am here...

iPhone 3G Unlocked By Hackers

Rejoice all you non-AT&T people, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked by a team of hackers known as the Dev-Team. Codenamed "Yellowsnow" aka "you have been officially pissed on, Apple", this hack allows the phone to be used on a...


Gadget Rumor: Sony PSP-4000 In Late 2009, Followed By PSP2?

The Sony PSP-4000 is reportedly coming in late 2009. The current update, the PSP-3000, has an improved LCD screen, built-in microphone and a PS button so I'd expect only an incremental update on the 4000. Perhaps a slightly lar...

J.S Bach iPod

Dig classical music?  Then you'll probably love this deal from online classical download store Passionato.  It's a 120GB iPod Classic jammed packed with the classical works of J.S Bach, 175 hours worth.  Stupidly they've encode...

Gadgets At A Glance: MonoPrice Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

What is it: The MonoPrice Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter allows you to display your Mac screen onto your HDTV via HDMI. Previously, the output was limited to VGA or DVI connections Features: Connect your Mac to an external di...


Car Finger Print Reader Promises Safety & Security

Two Chinese students have invented a device that might mean 'giving the finger' before you even start your car.  Zhao Wencai and Li Zhoumu, from China's University of Geoscience, have built a finger print reader that doubles as...
Cell Phones

Leaked Swivel Phone Is Not The Palm Roteo

Mystery solved!  What mystery?  Remember that mysterious swivel phone that wreaked of Palm?  Well, it's not, at least according to the guy who snapped the photo.  Apparently this pic was taken back in June of this year at Compu...

iDesign Songview: Another iPod Dock, But This Ones Got A Massive LED Read Out

Here's an iPod dock for Grandma.  At the base is an LED screen which displays the song being played, making it easier for the hard of seeing to know what's playing.  Course, I'm not sure your Grandma will even know what an iPod...

Cell Phones

Motorola Runs The Faucet, Leaks i9 Flip Phone

Motorola has slipped out some pics of the soon to be released i9.  There's really not much to ogle here, but it'll probably be a winner with Moms, Dads and the less tech savvy who want a semi-slick flip phone with some of the f...

Anti-Snore Pillow Or Just Crap Gadget? (video)

What I'd pay to look as pleased as that chick in the morning.  I guess I could, or attempt to by purchasing this here anti-snore pillow.  It works by detecting the users snoring and sends ever so slight tremors through the memo...

Blaupunkt Set To Intro World’s First Internet Car Radio

So the details are beyond scarce on this one, but Blaupunkt has teamed up with miRoamer to offer the World's first car Internet radio.  More details to come at CES '09, but will this render satellite obsolete?