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PC 350

Gadget Review: Sennheiser PC 350 Gaming Headphones

Not everyone has the luxury of living by themselves and being able to crank your gaming system at all hours. General roommate courtesy dictates that you be aware of your cohabitant and allow them for their own time and their ow...

Philips Announces 4 Products for ’09: NP2500/2900, DC350, SPA5300 and DLO iBoom JukeBox

Philips is opting out of CES this coming year and as a result they've already unveiled a few of their products for '09. Let's start with the Philips Streamium Network Music Players NP2500 and NP2900 (pictured above): In essence...

Iron Man Video Game Hits The Apple App Store

By now we all know that the iPhone and the iPod Touch can pull off some pretty bad ass graphics.  The latest game to hit the App store is 'Iron Man: Aerial Asusalt'.  I have yet to play or download it, but clock the screen shot...


Flashing Laces, Yes The Things On Your Sneakers (video)

Gotta get me a pair of these. Apparently they're on a Puma x Solebox collaborative sneaker, which means nothing to mean. [Highsnobiety]

What You Need This Holiday: LED Magnetic Lights

What do you get when you combine magnets and LED lights?  According to ThinkGeek: LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti.  For $10 you'll get 20 multicolored LEDs that can be stuck to just about anything metal.  Each LED includes a non-...

Kickabee Twitters Expectant Moms Womb Action

Twitter can display just about any stream of data. The Kickbee keeps track of a baby's movement while in the womb via Piezo sensors and wirelessly transmits the data over Bluetooth to a nearby computer, which then uploads the d...
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Gadgets At A Glance: Addonics NAS Adapter

What is it: The Addonics NAS adapter turns any USB hard drive into a NAS enabled device. What does that mean? Basically, it turns your USB hard drive into a network device so you can access it from anywhere on the network Featu...

UK Release Date For Cowon’s S9 Curve Revealed

Well ain't that something. Looks like both the UK and Korea will receive Cowon's now hyped S9 Curve PMP before the US. Release date for the dreary and rain soaked land is December 15th. Pricing for the 16GB and 32GB player is £...

Gadgets At A Glance: Asus VH192, VH222, VH226, and VH242

What is it: Four news LCD Monitors from Asus with a 16:9 aspect ratio: VH192 (18.5-inch), VH222 (21.5-inch), VH226 (21.5-inch), and VH242 (23.6-inch). Features: All but the VH192 sports a 1920x1080 resolution and HDMI input, 5m...


Sony Releases Details About OLED Touchscreen Walkman

Looks like Sony isn't willing to completely concede defeat to Apple just yet. The above product shots looks to be a mock up (check the profile shot), but the new 'Walkman' will include an OLED WQVGA touchscreen and an interface...

Sharper Image Returning From The Dead, Launching 20 Products

Just let it die!  Sharper Image is officially returning to the market, albeit in the form of products only, at CES 2009 this coming January.  They've taken all that unredeemed canceled gift card money and invested it in what ar...
Cell Phones

Vertu’s Latest Cell Phone, The Boucheron 150, Is Egregious To Say The Least

Since Nokia's latest Vertu phone, the Boucheron 150, took '1000 hours to cut its unique shape, 700 hours for the hand polish and more than 500 hours to hand build', it's probably safe to assume it's a one of a kind.  And thank ...