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Awethumbs: Orthopedic Shoes For Your PDA Finger (video)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely struggle, albeit at times, to formulate a message via my iPhone's touchscreen. But would I carry a device, let alone, use a device to improve my typing accuracy? Sure, if I could affix it to the...

Axiotron Updates The Modbook For 2009

Axiotron, the folks that brought us a Macbook in the form of a touchscreen tablet, has updated their Modbook for 2009.  Apple's OS X now runs more smoothly, longer battery life, a more efficient sleep mode and full Bluetooth fo...

The OpeniMac Is Ugly As All Getup, But At Least It Runs Beauty

The man got you down?  Don't wanna spend a ridonkulous amount of money on a Mac, but want all the prestige that goes with it?  So what do you do?  You opt for the OpeniMac of course.  Sure, it lacks any iMac quality, but it run...


Two New Tiny Projectors From Adtec: Hooray or Nay?

Do Adtec’s two new tiny projectors stand out from others of their ilk? It really doesn’t look that way, and unless you live in Japan, you won’t be able to buy them anyway. Tiny projectors are the thing these days even thought t...

Iomega Intros Two New eGo Portable Hard Drives: BlackBelt & Encrypt Portable

Iomega has just launched two new additions to its current portable eGo hard drive line; the eGo BlackBelt Portable Hard Drive and the eGo Encrypt Portable Hard Drive. Both have their own specific offerings, which hopefully will...

HP Mini 1000 Vievienne Tam Edition Netbook Now Available For Purchase

HP beat their very own availability date, and has begun to offer the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition series Netbook.  Hailed as the 'digital clutch', this HP Mini is pretty similar to the core edition, but comes standard with...

Cell Phones

Gadget Rumor: Walmart To Sell 4GB iPhone For $99

Rumor has is that Walmart is set to get a 4GB iPhone.  Yes, the same one, well, not exactly the same one Apple discontinued, but a 3G version.  Since the Walmart shoppers are bargain hunters, or just down right poor, it's a lit...

Crap Gadget: Sharper Image Sound Bag

Wondering what Sharper Image did with all that Gift Card money?  Invested it in crap gadgets to sell to unsuspecting holiday shoppers of course.  Today, the bankrupt company announced their Sound Bag Backpack.  It's your run of...

BluTiger: Speakers With Built-in LED Screen

Feeling the pressure from the economic crisis, clearly Blutiger had to find a way to sell their speakers. So what did they do? Stuff a pair of LED screens into a pair of speakers that reflect the emitted sound's frequencies in ...


Gadgets At A Glance: Sanyo R227 Internet Radio

What is it: The Sanyo R227 is a standalone radio that plays internet streams via wireless or ethernet Features: Streams internet radio, connects to a MP3 player, digital FM stereo receiver, 8 preset stations, alarm clock, web i...

Robert’s RDK-2 Digital Radio Includes SD Card Slot For On The Fly Recording

Robert's latest device may appear as your garden variety kitchen radio, but don't be fooled, it's much more.  Stuffed into this 'under the cabinet' box (mounts included) is a digital as well as FM radio, the ability to record p...
Home Theater

Boxee’s Big Update Live, Includes Netflix Support

Boxee's update is now live, featuring Netflix support (better than Xbox's implementation), improved online media support, numerous bug fixes, and MTV video integration. Full list of improvements: a new Hulu – looks more like hu...