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Antler Socket Cell Phone Holder

I can't tell you how many times I've seen my girlfriend place her phone on the floor to charge.  I'm confident she'll step on it any day now, unless of course I get her one of these.  Ok, so the antler part leaves something to ...
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iLuv Shows Off i9500, A 4x CD/MP3 Player With iPhone Dock & Motorized Doors

iLuv is showing of its latest, the i9500.  It combines a wall mountable 4x CD/MP3 player with an iPod/iPhone dock and 2.1 speakers.  If you've got your tunes embedded on a USB Flash Drive or SD card, no prob, the i9500 does som...
Solar Power

BP EnergyTiles Look Like Shingles But Are So Much More

You've worked hard to build your dream home and the last thing you want to do is ruin its aesthetic with hideous and massive solar panels. But you wanna be green, damn it! What do you do? Buy some EnergyTiles from BP Solar of c...

Home Theater

Philips Announces New Touchscreen Remote: Prestigo SRT9320

Philips unveiled a new touchscreen remote control today called the Prestigo SRT9320.  Although it lacks RF control, it's a nice mix of touchscreen (2.8-inches) and hard buttons.  The remote's footprint appears to be small enoug...
Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Walmart iPhone Price & Release Date

Starting as soon as 12/17 Walmart will begin to sell the Apple its employees only.  It's actually a 'pilot program', where a total of 488 of the Sam Walton retailers will each receive 5 iPhones to sell.  Corporate ma...

Gadget Review: Lumisource Boomchair Shark Gaming Chair

It's pretty funny to see people's reactions when they come face to face with the LumiSource Boomchair Shark gaming chair. Non-gamers immediately exclaim, "Wow, is that some sort of fancy schmancy massage chair!?"; gamers mutter...


Philips Announces 3 New MP3 Players: LUXE, RAGA and Spark

We already knew Philips was skipping CES this year so it's no surprise that they've unleashed more products to beat the rush.  Today they announced the RAGA, the Spark and the LUXE.  The LUXE is actually old news, while the RAG...
Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Lenovo Android Phone & Some Specs

When you mention 'Lenovo' it conjures up images of laptops, not cell phones.  Not until now, that is.  Lenovo is set to enter the smartphone market (in China) with an all touchscreen handset running Google's Android OS.  All we...
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Cell Phones

AT&T Starts Selling The Blackberry Curve 8320, Hello Holiday WiFi

The Blackberry 8320 - better known as the Curve - is now available on AT&T.  It includes WiFi, but aside from that it's your standard Blackberry: full QWERTY keyboard, trackball, 2MP camera and quad band connectivity.  For ...

Cell Phones

SoariPod Isn’t Painful But High Flying

No one wants to hold their iPod Touch through a 2 hour movie. So hence the SoariPod, which utilizes a vinyl coated clip (I assume the vinyl prevents scratching) to attach to a variety of surfaces. It's bendable neck design is r...
swann front

Gadget Review: Swann IP-3G Newtork ConnectCam 1000

Every once in a while I'll request something to review that I can't fully evaluate because I am a MAC owner. When I request products I just assume that they will work for a MAC because MAC's are the best! At any rate, I am here...

iPhone 3G Unlocked By Hackers

Rejoice all you non-AT&T people, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked by a team of hackers known as the Dev-Team. Codenamed "Yellowsnow" aka "you have been officially pissed on, Apple", this hack allows the phone to be used on a...