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Powergorilla Battery Charges Laptops, Devices On The Go

The Powergorilla battery charger is a handy brick-like unit that charges your laptop and portable devices. According to the specs, it gives you an additional 2-5 hours of extra juice on your laptop or 20 hours on your portable ...

Gadgets At A Glance: TomTom Eclipse AVN4430

What is it: A new car stereo/GPS navigation combo jointly developed by TomTom and Eclipse Features: No official specs but it seems to have a 4.3" screen, multimedia support, car stereo, and of course a GPS Availability: TBA Pri...
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Opera Mini And Visual Voicemail Available On T-Mobile G1 Android

Opera Mini and visual voicemail from Fusion Voicemail Plus are now available on T-Mobile's G1 Android. Opera Mini is a quick and efficient browser with a UI optimized for mobile web surfing. Fusion Voicemail Plus is a free serv...

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Sagem’s Porsche Design P’9552 Passes FCC Approval

Sagem's Porsche Design P'9522 just passed through the FCC.  I usually don't report on FCC approvals, but since there hasn't been much news about this cell phone I figured why not.  The all black aluminum phone is quad band (850...
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iBreath: An iPod Breathalyzer

Is there nothing the iPod can't do?  The iBreath, which I'll have you know sports the 'made for iPod' seal, plugs into the docking port of the iPhone or iPod for power.  Just plug it in, unfold the straw, blow for 5 seconds and...
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HANNspree Unveils The HT09 LCD TV, Jams 1080p Into 28-inches

HANNspree introduced the world's first 1920x1200 resolution 28-inch LCD TV today, the HT09.  Specage is as follows: 500 cd/m2 brightness, 3ms response time (GTG), 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a built-in HD tuner, 2 HDMI and 1...


Samsung Shows Off A Massive & Flexible OLED Screen

Samsung showed of a massively awesome flexible OLED screen at this year's FPD 2008.  Unfortunately, I don't have any specs to go on and it's difficult to tell how large the screen is, but I think the embedded video says enough....
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Gadget Giveaway: Win A Wicked Laser Elite 125 Plus Laser Pointer

Today we launched a new commenting system from Intense Debate. Sign up or login and you can receive responses to your comments by email, respond to other comments and rate users. To kick off the new commenting system We're givi...
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Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

EasyBloom Plant Sensor Gives You An Electronic Green Thumb

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is Web 2.0 meets botanical mad scientist. Just place the device in the location you plan to 'garden' and after 24 hours plug it in your computer. The EasyBlossom website will suck down the recorded in...


BACTrack: A Strawless Breathalyzer

You'll breath easy with the Digital Breathazlyer from BACTrack.  Aside from knowing if you're too trashed to drive, you don't have to place your mouth on a bacteria infested straw; just blow into the front of the device.  It'll...

Skullcandy Intros Headphones With A Built-in Subwoofer, The Skullcrushers

Skullcandy's latest pair of over the ear headphones, the Skullcrushers, promise a little something extra for those with an appetite for 'feeling the rhythm'.  I know, sounds a bit gimmicky, but in addition to the 30mm Neodymium...
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Gadget Rumor: Verizon Samsung Omnia Release Date And Price

Looks like the long awaited Samsung Omnia will be hitting Verizon this month.  So when can you expect it?  According to BGR it will be available for online and telesales come November 26th.  For those looking to obtain an on ha...