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New Pantech Duo 2: Receives FCC Approval

If you never heard of the Pantech Duo handset, there is still enough time for redemption as its successor, the Pantech Duo 2, may very soon be available. The Pantech Duo 2 has retained the alphanumeric keypad and QWERTY keyboar...

Multi-Card SIM Reader Is USB Thumb Drive Convenient

Holy flash drive of goodness.  The Multi-Card SIM reader can pull your best kept secrets (or numbers) off your SIM card, microSD or Memorty Stick card all via USB 2.0.  They've included a 'Sim Editor' and LED activity light for...
Cell Phones

A 90s Cell Phone Doubles As A Gun

Does anyone honestly believe this thing looks like a cell phone of this era? Did the guy carrying it sports a early 90s hair do, date Kelly, have a best friend Slater and always get saved by the bell? A 28 year old Italian man ...


Say Hola To The Hello Kitty C101K3W Laptop

Really, a Hello Kitty laptop is hardly a surprise.  Adult toys branded with the Hello Kitty design on the other hand is a totally different story.  Digression aside, Onkyo is behind this here laptop but they've seared it with t...
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Sip The Perfect Glass Of Vino With The Vinturi Wine Aerator

Listen up wine snobs. This here contraption is the Vinturi Wine Aerator. Simply pour your vino of choice through the handy device and it'll add the perfect amount of air bringing the wine's full flavor to immediate fruition. Yo...

Speakal Cutie Pie: iPanda iPod

If you are into cute animal-themed audio devices, but have had enough of Hello Kitty and wish to move on to other animals, meet iPanda, Speakal’s newest iPod. The makers of the iPig speaker docks system are expanding their line...


Waterfall Audio: Spectacular Niagara Loud Speaker

As spectacular as any waterfall could ever be, the stunning Niagara Loudspeaker from the French company, Waterfall Audio, is about as top of the line as anyone with cash to burn can expect a loud speaker to be. At $53,000 per p...

ClarionMIND: One Cool Mobile Internet Navigation Device

Not only a mobile device, the ClarionMIND is quite versatile and provides entertainment at your fingertips, offering a vehicle attachment via an installed docking station, thus enhancing the audio system in ways that traditiona...

Trossen Robotics: MechRC Humanoid Robot No Impulse Buy

Trossen Robotics is the first company in the United States to offer the new ready-to-walk MechRC Humanoid Robot! A good performer, it remains still no impulse buy at $599.99 USD (It could be worse. It could be $600 US dollars)....


Toshiba To Manufacture 16GB microSDHC Card

Toshiba announced plans to manufacture a 16GB microSDHC memory card, today.  It's the largest capacity on the market and currently available from SanDisk.  Mass-production of Toshiba's SD-C16G SDHC card will begin January 09 an...
Cell Phones

Gadget Porn: Video Walk Through Of Verizon’s Samsung Omnia (video)

Mobile Burn got their hands on the just released Samsung Omni from Verizon Wireless and they've been kind enough to do a video walk through.  The first thing I noticed was the antiquated stylus, which attaches to the Omnia via ...

Wrap Up Tripod Camera Case

Accessories for your camera are great and all, but carrying them around can be a drag.  This camera case from Firebox does double duty as both a case and a mini tripod.  Sure, it won't replace a stand alone tripod, but for scen...