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LG Intros World’s First 3G Cell Phone Watch With Touchscreen, The LG-GD910

CES is just over a week away and boy am I psyched.  I'll definitely be checking out LG's latest, the LG-GD910, which is a touchscreen phone jam packed into a watch.  It boasts MP3 playback, 1.43-inch screen, HSDPA connectivity ...
Cell Phones
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New Study Indicates Cell Phone Use Is A Cancer Risk

A new study by Interphone researchers indicates that cell phone use may increase the risk of cancer. Unlike the inconclusive tests of yesteryear, the new study by Interphone is much more thorough in scope, drawing upon a pool o...

Gadgets At A Glance: Energizer Solar Recharger

What is it: The Energizer solar recharger does exactly that: it charges AA or AAA batteries using power from the sun Features: Charges AA or AAA batteries, USB-out port to power USB devices (think cell phones, mp3 players, etc)...

Home Theater

Big Holiday Discount On VUDU HD Movie Player

VUDU is offering a big $200 discount on their HD movie player. Normally priced at $299, the VUDU box is priced to move at $99 (add $49 for a wireless kit). Now you know there's a catch and indeed there is. You'll have to purcha...

Sprint Launches All-In-One 3G/4G USB Dongle, The U300

WiMax may have officially launched but its far from ubiquitous. Still, though, you don't wanna miss out on the opportunity to experience blazing fast wireless speeds virtually anywhere you go on your laptop. So what do you go w...

Gadgets At A Glance: The XCM Dominator, PS3 Arcade Joystick

What is it: The XCM Dominator is an arcade joystick for the Playstation 3. If the "Street Fighter 2" type games are your thing, this joystick is a must Features: Solid arcade construction with 2 rows of 10 buttons. Special prog...

Home Theater

Roku Digital Video Player Now Streaming Netflix In HD

Within the next few weeks, users of the Roku digital video player should expect an update that will enable HD Netflix streams. My question is why in the heck did it take so long? I guess what matters is that it's finally here, ...

LG Launches Sunlight Powered LCD Display

LG just got a whole lot greener today with the introduction of their sunlight illuminated LCD.  Standard notebook LCDs use LED or fluorescent backlighting, which tends to consume large amounts of power, especially if your runni...

Kenwood’s Latest Car Receiver, The I-K50, Features Front USB & Complete iPod Control

I know, I know, car receivers or head units with built-in USB ports are nothing new. But Kenwood's latest, the I-K50 not only features a USB input and headphone jack, but provides complete iPod control without having to lay a s...


Xbox Live To Offer Hulu, Youtube?

Shane Kim, head of Microsoft's game studio, wants to "open" up the Xbox 360 platform like it did with the Netflix service. Rather than focusing on quantity, their plan is to integrate high quality content such as the Hulu and Y...

What’s A Bag Without A TV Built-in

Is there nothing that can't be retrofitted with an LCD display? The Bagtv takes it a step too far and features a 7-inch LCD combined with an MP3 and DVD player. You'll get 2.5 hours of crook eyed stares (i.e. battery life) whil...

Iqua SunVizor: A Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

Iqua's latest product, the VizorSUN Bluetooth speaker phone, offers an endless amount of talk time.  No, it won't hook you up with more 'Anytime' minutes, but with its built-in solar panel it should provide you with an endless ...