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Pandora Gaming Handheld Available For Pre-Order

Attention all you hardcore gamers: the Pandora gaming handheld is available for pre-order through their website. If you're not a gaming geek you probably thought this had something to do with the streaming music service (congra...

LG BD300 Blu-ray + Netflix Player Availability Date Gets A Little More Official

According to the Netflix blog, we can expect the LG BD300 around the first full week in October.  I'm gonna guess October 7th, since it's only fitting they release the product on a Tuesday, the same day movie and video game tit...

Netflix API Goes Live Tomorrow

Don't even think about hitting the Netflix API site today, because you'll receive a login prompt.  If you've got the dev talent then Netflix has the 100,000 movie and TV episode title database for you to whip up your very own '...


Californians Can Mount GPS On Windshield, Effective Jan 1, 2009

Californians can finally mount their GPSs on their windshield starting Jan 1, 2009. A few years ago, the lawmakers banned the units on wieldshields hoping to make the roads safer. Now, I don't blame them for trying something, a...
Green Energy

The Watermill Converts Humid Air To Drinkable Water

The Watermill literally sucks up the air's humidity and eventually converts it to drinking water. It performs its own filtering and purification by exposing the water to an ultraviolet sterilizer, making it safe for cooking and...

IO Data Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

With an expected price tag of $150, IO Data's Mini Bluetooth Keyboard probably won't fly off the shelfs, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't earn some street cred for its small form factor and wireless Bluetooth abilities.  As y...


Griffin iPhone Clarifi Case Features Macro Lens And It Works

We all know how much a disappointment the iPhone camera is, but come on, it's a camera phone.  Griffin's latest case, the Clarifi, features a sliding macro lens built-in to the back of the protective housing that improves its f...

JVC Shows Off Unnamed Hi-Def SDHC Only Camcorders

Hi-Def SDHC camcorders are nothing new, but JVC is getting on board with two unnamed Everio models.  Specs are pretty much nonexistent, but you can expect built-in flash/light, relatively large flip out LCDs, HDMI out and a bev...

Hitachi’s Latest 37-inch LCD Is 15mm Thin

Hitachi, not known for their TVs, unleashed a 37-inch LCD at CEATEC 2008 that's just 15mm thin.  Other specs include a 1920x1080 resolution, 6ms response time, 150% wider color gamut and weighs just 22lbs.  The new LCD is part ...

Cell Phones

LG Intros KP500, 3-inch TouchScreen Cell Phone On The Cheap

According to LG, the KP500 will be a budget touchscreen handset.  No official word on price or launch date, but specs checkout at 3-inch touchscreen, 3MP camera, accelerometer, and available in black, brown, silver and gold. Hi...
Cell Phones

Adobe’s Flash Confirmed For The iPhone

Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. During a town hall meeting Paul Betlem, Adobe Systems' senior director of engineering, responded to an audience question about the existence of Flash for the iPhone. His response, to pa...

GadgetReview Contest: Win 1 of 5 iPhone 3G Cases From Agent 18

From now until October 13th we're giving away 5 iPhone 3G cases from Agent 18.  To enter the contest just go here.  To read our review of the case go here. To check out other Agent 18 products go here. Good luck!