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Twist To Fit BGP100 Smartphone Game Pad

Gaming on any cell phone is a challenge to say the least; the tiny buttons are far from applicable.  The BGP100, which appears to be yet another after market game pad for cell phones is actually an innovative piece of kit.  The...

Gadget Rumor: iPod Touch With 7-9 Inch Screen

According to numerous sources, Apple is working on a larger iPod Touch with a 7-9" screen. The rumors indicate that it'll be a touch tablet rather than a netbook but it's too early to tell. These reports are strengthened by the...
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Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Samsung S8300 8 Megapixel Camera Phone With AMOLED Screen

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be the battle of massive megapixel camera phones. First it was Casio, then Motorola, LG and now Samsung.  Ok, so Samsung has long had a phone with an 8 megapixel camera, the Pixon to be more spe...


Gadget Rumor: New Mac Mini Details

According to reports, the new Mac Minis will be launched at the MacWorld Expo 2009. The new Mac will supposedly feature: Aluminum-black enclosure SATA optical drive which can be swapped out for a SATA hard drive Nvidia chipset ...

Times Squares Rings In The New Year With Philips LED Ball (video)

Leveraging the New Years bonanza, and millions of viewers, Philips is unveiling a supped up New Years ball in Times Square tomorrow.  It's composed of 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs, measures 12-feet wide and weighs a mere 11...

BioMirage Coffer: A Biometric Safe With Backup USB Flash Drive Access

Ever since the US economy took a turn for the worse home safes have been selling like they're going out of style.  The latest edition to the long list of safe boxes is the BioMirage Coffer.  As its namesake indicates, you can u...


Gadget Leak: Sony P Series Netbook

And the mystery continues.  Remember the Sony P Series Notebook/Netbook that we saw show up on the FCC's site?  Well, it reared it's yet to be determined head again on Sony's shopping site, albeit for a short period of time.  T...

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter Pairs Your Cell Phone With Your Car

Before you render your car's cassette deck completely useless, take a sec and consider the Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter. Through the magic of Bluetooth it pairs your cell phone's audio, albeit headset profile (and perhaps MP...

Video On Demand Coming Soon To A Wii Near You

A new Video on Demand service will be coming to the Wii console sometime in 2009, so says the folks at Nintendo. Both of the competing consoles, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, have similar services but the Wii has the potentia...


Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

The Secret USB Flash Drive Watch is more about convenience than stealth. Why so? USB flash drives are small enough that they can be 'jammed' just about any where. The storage is a desirable 4GB, while the price makes it a less ...

The Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV Is The Fastest TV In The West

LG unveiled the World's first 480Hz LCD TV today.  Aside from boasting an eye numbing 480hz refresh rate, the Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV also rocks a super fast 4ms response time.  Unfortunately, there's no mention of resolution, b...

NU Claims Slimmest External Blu-ray Player, The EBC100

Slim is good, especially when you're already lugging around a laptop.  NU's EBC100 is apparently the World's slimmest and lightest external Blu-ray player.  It measures just 17.6mm thick and in addition to playing back hi-def d...