Monthly Archives: April 2011

Razor Hydra

Razor Hydra Controllers PC Motion Sensing Controller (video)


It’s debatable how immersive of an experience Razor’s newest gaming controller, the Hydra, can provide, but that’s exactly what they’re promising to PC users. The controllers, which effectively are two Nintendo Wii Nunchuks, utilize magnetic motion sensing and promise ultra precise tracking down to 1mm and 1 degree movements, which should...

Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack Floats for a New Record (video)


We’ve been hearing about the Martin Jetpack for well over 2 years now, and unfortunately it still hasn’t gone into production.  However, the company has released a new video of the jetpack hovering mid air for 7 minutes, a new record according to NewScientist.  In this particular demonstration the device...

Hand Transplants Are Here And Ready to Shake (video)

Hand Transplants Are Here And Ready to Shake (video)


[GR]JgaMZT1Z2dw[/GR] Back in the day if you lost a hand you were SOL.  Not any more.  This young woman in SoCal received a donor hand after losing her’s a number of years ago.  It’s not clear how much dexterity she’ll achieve, but as soon as surgery was completed she could...

T-Mobile G-Slate

T-Mobile G-Slate And Sidekick 4G Now on Sale


T-Mobile’s G-Slate and Sidekick 4G went on sale today.  The G-Slate will set you back $529.99 after a 2-year contract and $100 mail-in-rebate.  The Sidekick 4G, is $99.99 on contract, though from what we’ve gathered it’s a tad more assuming you don’t opt for the aggressive data package. The G-Slate...


iCade Now Available For Preorder, Costs $100


We just got word that Thinkgeek’s iCade, an arcade stand for your iPad, will ship “sometime around May 20th” or at least before May 31st.  However, you can preorder the iCade now for $99.99, though it looks like it might already be back ordered. The iCade’s inception was originally the...

Motion Activated AC Adapter

Motion Activated AC Adapter Spy Camera


AC adapters, at least these days, are just about in every room in every house.  So if you’ve got plans to spy on your loved one, roommate, babysitter or cats, this Motion-Activated AC Adapter Hidden Spying Camera makes complete sense. Believe it or not it records 720×480 video at 30fps...