Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ipad 2 Event

iPad 2 Event Touches Down March 2nd (update)


Update: Apple just announced the iPad 2’s specs and launch date. Fanboys get your lube ready, because Apple has now made that March 2nd event that we told you about yesterday, official.  It probably goes without saying, but based on the invite, pictured above, you can see, or infer that...

Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell Inspiron Duo Review


[Rating: 1.5] When I undertook a month period without a laptop – only using an iPad – the most difficult readjustment when I returned to my laptop was to stop touching the screen. On the iPad, it’s very convenient to just flick the screen or click on links instead of using a mouse. The...

Thodio iBox

Thodio iBox Drips In Wood Awesomeness, Weighs 12lbs


If Thodio’s A-Box was a bit too rugged for your metrosexual like tendencies, than you might wanna take a gander at the iBox.  It uses the same port and speaker design, but instead of using an ammo box you can choose from oak, teak, mahogany, zebrawood, purpleheart or other types...