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Puny Telepresence MIDBot Will Get Eaten Alive By Future Robots


Brando’s MIDbot takes your laptop for a stroll around the house when you’re away, patrolling ominously and rather slowly, but what do you want – this ain’t 2030. Billed as an ultra low cost ‘telepresence robot’, it’s not really a robot, more like a chassis with one interactive robot arm....

iSkin Duo And Vu iPad Case Review


When it comes to Apple products I’m a purest at heart.  My Macbook Pro is devoid of any protection (think Malware) and my iPhone sits as raw as could be in my pocket.  And my iPad has largely remained unprotected with the exception of a sleeve from Booq Bags.  So...


Bad Elf GPS Dongle For iPod and iPad Car Glory


Often when I find myself driving frantically through an unknown city, chased by unknown cars, I say to myself ‘Boy I wish I had some unknown dongle to plug into my iPad or iPod, and it would instantly give me GPS capabilities so I could find my way out of...

Silicon beer bottle cap

Silicone Beer Bottle Caps


How many beers have you wasted in your lifetime?  The Beer Savers are reusable silicone beer bottle caps.  They fit most beer bottles and thanks to the multi colored pack they could help you safely identify your beer at bars, parties and clubs.  You can toss them into the dishwasher...

Atomic Live NYC

Rock Band Rocks iPhones In The Subway


It’s either a cruel world where struggling musicians get their instruments stolen, or a complex post-modern world where smart musicians market themselves using the iPhone. Doesn’t matter, whether or not New York City rock band “Atomic Tom” had their instruments stolen, this is a good video of them performing their...


Kinect Spies 17 Games With Its Little Motion Sensing Eye


Kinect is that Microsoft-built holy grail of motion-sensing technology for your Xbox 360, and the good about what games it will launch with have just been unleashed. There’s gonna be four sports minigame collections – Kinect Sports, Deca Sports Freedom, Game Party In Motion and Motion Sports. It’s not exactly...


Altaz Internet Clock Tries Harder Than A Horny Teenager


I’ve never wanted to have a relationship with my alarm clock, but upon discovering that using my mobile phone to wake up is slowly cooking my brain into a cancerous mass makes me long for closeness with less dangerous devices. Such is (one hopes, for it is not exactly analog)...

iPad Case With Bluetooth Keyboard

iPad Leather Folio With Bluetooth Keyboard


While we wait for the Clamcase for the iPad, Thanko’s version will have to make do.  It’s a leather folio that includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  They say battery life is good for up to 90 hours. You can grab one for about $85. Read...


The First Bose Bluetooth Headset


Bose gets ready to tackle the world of Bluetooth headsets with this, its first single-ear Bluetooth headset. Will Bose find absolute victory, or fade into the shadows of expensive brand-name headsets? As we are not fortune tellers, we cannot clue you in on that, but we can let you know...