Monthly Archives: August 2010

ps3 table

Get Your Game On The PlayStation Controller Table, Literally


This table, modeled after the PlayStation’s Dualshock Controller, is impressive no matter what. But it’s even cooler that it was constructed by a high school student in Australia. It’s built out of MDF and plywood, with the analog sticks attaching the glass to the base, and took 20 weeks to complete....

touchscreen imac

Apple Patent Reveals A Touchscreen iMac


A website called PatentlyApple has uncovered, you guessed it, patents for a touchscreen iMac. The patent covers a multi-touch interface for Apple’s all-in-one, including an orientation sensor. Thre’s been rumors of an OSX/iOS combination for a few months now. Of course, this is a patent, so be aware that this...


Virgin Mobile To Debut $40 Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan Tuesday


Virgin Mobile leaked a teaser on its Facebook page indicating that it will roll out a $40 unlimited monthly prepaid plan, so we called to confirm. Indeed, spokeswoman Corinne Nosal confirmed with us that the company will announce this plan Tuesday. This new unlimited data plan replaces three previous Broadband2Go...

Bedside Carafe

Clever 2 in 1 Bedside Carafe


Sure, it looks like your basic carafe.  But check it out: the cup, or tumbler, fits on top of the carafe and doubles as a lid.  Best part?  It’s just $20 at Crate and Barrel. Read...

Ricoh CX4

Ricoh CX4 Digital Point And Shoot Arriving Soon


Sometime later this week Ricoh will release the CX4, the follow up to the CX3.  This version boasts a comparable spec list – 10.8x optical zoom, a 28-300mm wide angle lens, 3-inch LCD with a 920,000 dot resolution – but boasts an improved image stabilization by a 3 fold.  It...


Is September The Apple iTV Launch Date?


Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder, say’s he has got word that the Apple iTV, which we first heard about earlier this month, will launch sometime in Septemeber and indeed will cost $99. Much like the iPhone and iPad, the iTV will enable consumers to access the vast catalog of Apple apps...

Milk Carton Handle

Wooden Milk Carton Handle


It’s not like drinking milk from a carton sans handle is a challenge.  But just in case you’re looking for that next level of refinement while guzzling direct from the container you might want to consider Minna’s wooden handles.  They work by sliding neatly onto the folded portion of the...