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Pure Debuts EVOKE-1S Marshall Radio Amp


You may think that a dedicated radio device may be a little outdated in today’s age, but when it looks as cool as the Marshall EVOKE-1S, you might think twice. This collaboration between Marshall and Pure is constructed out of vinyl, wood, brass, and metal, and functions primarily as a...


This Concrete Espresso Solo Concept Is Rock Solid


Shmuel Linski, an student at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has created this Concrete Espresso Machine for a class. Linski wanted to use concrete in the kitchen, but not as wall or countertop material, and the combination of concrete and the fine metal parts interested him. It interests me...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS To Get Price & Release Date In September


Attention! The Nintendo 3DS is being released…well, there’s a release date for that announcement. That’s all I can tell you. Sorry folks, that’s how hype in the electronics industry works. A Nintendo spokesperson has announced September 29th as the date we’ll learn the pricing and release date of the 3DS...


The Wise Hammer Finds And Marks Studs For You


Every man needs to know how to use tools. Hammers, table saws, you name it. But they can also use some help every now and then, which is where the Wise Hammer comes in. It automatically detects studs in the wall, which makes hanging up that family photo just that...


Panasonic’s Headphone Packing Is A Musical Win


Panasonic RP-HJE 130 earbuds are probably not the highest quality earphones on the block, but their packaging is great, and really, presentation is half the sell. Chalk it up to the Berlin design group Scholz & Friends, who created the musical design. It’s almost Apple-esque, don’t you think? In fact,...


This Toast Defibrillator Could Save You In A Breakfast Crisis


If you’ve ever had the displeasure of having a nasty hangover, you can probably agree that getting a nice breakfast could definitely be deemed an emergency situation. Which is where the toast defibrillator comes in. It’ll give you some much needed energy, stat. Problem is, it’s only a concept right...

Hulu Logo

Hulu Drops 45% Of Viewers


Well, it looks like Hulu Plus might not be the future of television after all. The site had 24 million viewers in June, and while that may seem like a large number, it was a 45 percent drop compared to the previous month. The news came after a rehauling of...

extension gallery

Safari 5.0.1 Update Opens Apple’s Extension Gallery


Apple updated their Safari web browser to version 5.0.1 today, offering a bunch of bux fixes and improvements, the biggest of which is the opening of Apple’s Official Extension Gallery. Simply navigate to the page from the Safari menu bar to get access to a large list of extensions from...


Samsung’s HMX-E10 Pocket Camcorder Swivels 270 Degrees


Samsung’s new HMX-E10 pocket camcorder is the company’s first competition against the likes of the Flip Ultra HD & Kodak Zi8, and it looks like those camcorders are in for a decent fight. One of the HMX-E10’s biggest features is a 270-degree swiveling lens for getting some smooth, wide shots,...