Monthly Archives: April 2010


Gadget Rumor: Apple To Acquire ARM Chip Maker For $8 Billion


Like the Borg, Apple likes to conquer and assimilate. The trend continues with rumors that the company is set to purchase chipset maker ARM for a rumored 8 billion dollars US. Remember that the Cambridge, UK based ARM makes the custom, super fast processor housed within the iPad, in addition...

Dell Thunder

Gadget Leak: The Storm Is Upon Us, Dell Thunder Leaks Out


With Lightning comes Thunder…but Thunder’s running on Android. Dell’s Thunder is the company’s Android 2.1 phone, featuring a similar  4.1-inch WVGA OLED display to the company’s Lightning handset. Besides’s running Google’s OS, this thing has a bigger social network slant than the company’s other leaked offerings, with full Facebook and...

Dell Lighting

Gadget Leak: Dell Lightning Smartphone


Someone better fix the pipes in Techland, because these leaks are getting ridiculous. Here, folks, is the Dell Lightning, a Windows 7 phone that looks to take the best parts of the Zune HD interface and put it in a sleek portrait slider phone. A spec sheet lists the device...

Jaba Palace Bookends

Jabba’s Palace Star Wars Bookends


Today is like any other day.  The sun is out, the birds are singing and we’ve got another piece of Star Wars paraphernalia on our hands.  Last month we showed you the Star Wars bookends, Lightsaber included and this time, playing to the tune of complimentary, is the Jabba’s Palace...

Henge Dock

Henge Dock: The Perfect Macbook Dock


I love hooking my MacBook Pro up to my Samsung monitor, but there’s usually a mess of cables cluttering up my desk in doing so. To solve this problem, Henge Docks has come out of left field with their new MacBook docking station. This thing looks pretty awesome — put...


Up Close Pictures Of Microsoft’s Project Natal


It’s Microsoft’s turn for product leaks this week — an Italian site allegedly has images of a Project Natal prototype that reveal new details for the anticipated device. From the images, we can gather that the motion recognition system apparently runs on its own power source, and that the Natal’s...