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Jabra Stone - 6

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset Unboxing (video)


I think I’m in love…with the Stone, Jabra’s lastest consumer grade Bluetooth headset.  We covered the launch announcement last month and so far it’s all that it promised to be, aesthetically of course.  I just unboxed it so I’m off to the wall socket to get it and the charger/carrying...

Tony Hawk RIDE Launched

Reminder: Tony Hawk’s RIDE Lauched Today

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RIDE, for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3 launched today.  I have yet to get a full hands with the game but I did give it a whirl at this year’s X games – in other words my opinion of the game and whether or not it will be...

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 1.07.23 PM

Direct TV DVR Controlling iPhone App


Control is power and vice-versa.  Scarface would agree.  Those who have a Direct TV DVR and an iPhone will be happy to know that there is a new app out there that gives you full access to your account. The app is FREE and will let you browse programs, stations...

Verlux UV Wand

The H1N1 Destroying UV Wand

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Where there is fear there is sales, right?  And hence the The Verilux H1N1 Destroying UV Wand.  I’m a little disturbed by any device that’s success depend on a pandemic, but then again that’s pretty much the medical industry on the whole. This $70 device, which uses a hospitable grade...

Kitchen Scale iPod Dock

World’s First: A Kitchen Scale With A Built-in iPod Dock


So before you completely dismiss the Rihanna Kitchen Scale with built-in iPod dock, consider how often you listen to music while cooking?  Ah, ah, that’s right, now you know what I’m talking about.  But, yeah, seriously, this is beyond gimmick.  If you look closely the 2-watt speaker resides just underneath...


The PowerZoa Remotely Cuts Off Any Appliance’s Power


Have you ever left the house or the apartment, and been struck by the sudden horror that you didn’t turn off your stove or your toaster or your television or whatever?  Yeah, I’ve been there too once or twice.  And I know some people who’ve made an entire psychological disorder...


USB 2GB Dictaphone…Or Voice Recorder


Totally ready for dubious acts of all kinds comes this mini-USB voice recorder from some generic company.  You can record up to 40 hours worth of audio on the 2GB’s or memory though it will only record 4 hours on one charge. The audio is stored as WAV files and...