Monthly Archives: October 2009

netflix Wii

Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The Wii


Sometime early next month Netflix Streaming will arrive on the PS3.  Now, word on rumor street is that the service is coming to the Nintendo Wii.  Reports say that they’re in the testing phase, while other industry insiders say that Nintendo will wait until next year when they launch an...


US Canteen’s Ultimate Water Bottle: The H2Only


Those of us out there looking for a great reusable water bottle to use on the go should keep reading.  The H2Only bottle is made from stainless steel and filters out 99.99% of all pollutants found in drinking water.  The bottle holds up to 25 ounces of water and would...


Boston Dynamics New Robot Walks Like An Actual Person


So originally I was going to write about India’s newfound fascination with the road spike, but then I thought better of it and discovered that Boston Dynamics was actually well on its way to making Terminators. Aren’t you glad I didn’t go with the road spike story? Anyway, Boston Dynamics...