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PSP Go Amazon Pre-Order Page Is Live (video)


It looks like the page may have been up for well over a week now, but you can now officially pre-order Sony’s PSP Go from Amazon.  It’s available in white or black for $249.99 and should ship October 1st.  Also, check out the semi-blurry hands on video (below) that I...


Steve Jobs Returns To Apple After 6 Month Hiatus


Amid the news of many celebrity deaths, it’s nice to hear that Steve Jobs is healthy enough to be back and working at Apple.  Although he supposedly came back last Monday, the company issued an official statement today.  According to the below statement, he’ll be splitting his time between the...

Red Sox Watch

A Sports Fans Must? Game Time Schedule Watch


Bordering obsessive, these team specific game schedule watches are the perfect gift for the crazy sports fan in your life.  At just over $80 per watch, the large LCD screen displays when your favorite team is going to play as well as opposing team.  The watch also lets you view...


PS3 DualShock Silver Wireless Controller Now Available In US


While silver PS3 accessories were only available in Japan, Sony has just released a DualShock controller in the United States.  On sale now at GameStop online for $55, you can finally get the silver controller you’ve always wanted.  Will this be the start of more silver lined peripherals in the...


Sprint Blackberry Tour Launch Date…Maybe


It was just over a week ago that we learned that Sprint will launching the Blackberry Tour for $199.99, but neither here nor there was there a mention of an actual launch date. But now a blogger that supposedly workers in the bowels of Sprint’s customer care unit says the...


Gadget Concept: Glastonbury Solar Tent From Orange


Heralded as the “tent of the future”, this concept tent from UK company Orange will have you camping out just to buy one.  The Glastonbury Solar Tent is made from a photovoltaic fabric that has special solar threads woven in so you’ll never be without power for your GPS device...


Garmin Adds Dakota GPS Line

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Today, Garmin announced their Dakota line of GPSes, which from the looks of it are just a water downed version of their 550.  It sports a smaller but reasonably sized 2.6-inch touchscreen, which probably explains the slightly better battery life of 20 hours.  And much like the 550 it’s waterproof...