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Gadget Leak: Samsung YP-R1 Features And Release Date


Samsung, which in recent has enjoyed great success with their line of TVs and mobile phones, still isn’t a brand you think of when it comes to portable audio.  But they’re working on it, and their latest PMP, leaked courtesy of a retailer, isn’t looking too shabby.  The YP-R1 sports...


Gadget Reminder: iPhone 3.0 Software Launching Tomorrow


Just a quick reminder that Apple will release iPhone 3.0 OS tomorrow, June 17th.  To reiterate, expect the following features: Push notification for applications.  That means you can get an IM and not have the app running.  Sweet and finally Copy and paste.  Double tap on some text and you’ll...


JVC HA-NCX78 Multi Noise Canceling EarBuds Review

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The last pair of JVC earbuds I reviewed I didn’t like so much.  These are much better, and cheaper!  The JVC HA-NCX78 Multi Noise Canceling EarBuds claim to reduce up to 88% of ambient noise interference.  How you could accurately gauge that is beyond me but I can tell you...


The Samsung Jet Is The Speediest Touch Phone


In more Samsung news, the company also announced the Jet 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen phone. Sporting what appears to be the exact same form factor as the Omnia II, the Jet is powered by an 800MHz processor that apparently produces the fastest full touch handset on the market today.  It runs...


HTC Snap Hitting Sprint, Launch Date And Price Announced


Sprint will launch the HTC Snap (aka S522), which was announced a few months ago, on June 21st for $149 after a 2-year contract signing.  Features include EVDO/CDMA connectivity, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, QVGA display, microSD card slot and a mouse key that when pressed accesses...


Phallic 4GB Elephant Flash Drive To Hump Your Computer


We’ve seen our fair share of cool USB flash drives, but none so phallic and perhaps anatomically correct as the 4GB USB Flash Elephant Drive.  To make matters worse, and I don’t think this was the manufactures’ intention, it’s part of the ‘bone collection’, whatever that is.  It’s $30 and...


Nokia E72 Revealed, Just An Updated E71


Nokia is no stranger to device iterations, and to confirm this they announced the E72, an updated version of their wildly popular E71 smartphone.  The E72 features a 10mm thick body, full QWERTY keyboard and HSDPA connectivity.  They’ve also tossed in the media friendly 3.5mm headphone jack, bumped the camera...


Beer Packets: Would Be Cool As Dreadlocked Head Piece


We’ve seen GoGurt as well as other squeezable edibles in the past, but these new beer packets just look weird to me.  Using what is called “organoleptic film structure”, the CarboPouch by the Beverage Pouch Group boasts that the taste of the beer will be unchanged, and that it will...