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Griffin Dumbs It Down With The Simplifi Dock


Griffin, heeding the calls of many an army captain (KISS – keep is simple stupid), introduced the Simplifi Dock today.  Quite simply, it’s a dock for your iPhone or iPod and includes a built-in Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, SDHC, xD and CF card reader, 2 powered USB ports...


Samsung Pixon Cell Phone


Samsung sure has done a good job making me do double takes.  First it was the Omni 900 Youtube viral video that started out ‘oh so home video like’, and today they’ve sent me the oddest email promoting their latest 8-megapixel cell phone wonder, the Pixon.  Putting aside the odd...


Casio’s 2 Inch LCD Screen Sports High Resolution


By: Albert S Casio is developing a high resolution 960-by-540 pixel 2″ screen capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. Now that’s a lot of pixels squeezed into such a small package–most phones these days have less than 480 pixels. [Gadget Lab]...


Apple Updates iPhone Safari By Mimicking OS X


Taking a queue from its bigger brother, Apple plans to update Safari for the iPhone, via firmware 2.2, by integrating the Google search bar next to the URL window. The current iPhone firmware (2.1) places the Google search bar below the URL input area. This info was leaked thanks to...


192GB Gresso Pendant Sure Does Look Expensive


Carved from 200 year old African wood, the Gresso pendant is purely a collectible more than anything else. It’s finished in a variety of jewels and metals. They’re $5,000 Euros each and Gresso has only manufactured 99 of them. I’d prefer just a straight up wood pendant. Adding a USB...


Netflix Opens Up Netflix Player To Others


As we previously reported (it was rumored at the time) Netflix has opened up its Netflix Player to ‘anyone who wants to put their video service on’ it.  Today, they officially released a software developers kit, although I can’t seem to locate it, but I do have a request in...


Nixie Tube Clock Sure Is Wacky Looking


You can add this clock to the one room in your house dedicated to weird and funky collectibles from around the globe since it’s hailing from Bulgaria. Using 6 Nixie Tubes (never heard of them) the almost ‘store your grandparents ashes here’ piece of furniture displays time, date and includes...


iPhone 2.2 Firmware For Developers Distributed


It’s nothing new to anyone that owns a 3G or Edge iPhone: there’s still bugs. Well, good news, because Apple has already distributed the 2.2 firmware to developers. Should mean an update next month. What are my Top 3 iPhone issues since the 2.1 update you ask? Ultra compressed voicemail...


Panasonic Drops New ToughBooks: F8, W8 and T8


Got 12-inches?  No problem, because Panasonic’s latest Toughbooks can survive a dinger of that height. That is of course you’re so butterfingers you lose grip of the built-in pop out handle.  The three new models, F8, W8 and T8, each share similar specs, but differ in screen size (the T8...

eee pc 901

Asus Eee PC 901 To Feature Built-in 3G, Coming In October

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By: Albert S Asus announced built-in 3G (3.75G HSUPA connectivity) for their Eee PC 901 models, starting in October 2008. Smart move by Asus as these ultra portable, “all day battery” netbooks are perfectly suited for 3G-go-to-the-beach connectivity. Now you really can be like those faceless people in the Corona...