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Blackberry Bold Unboxed


[GR]S5FDxxYc-fY[/GR]Crackberry got a Blackberry Bold and unboxed it.  They do some shameless plugging of their Blackberry store, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  If you’re a Blackberry fan you’ll be glad to know that they’ve included a travel charger and leather case with sleeper magnet (never heard the...


HTC Diamond Touch (Sprint) Launch Date And Pricing


The details are a bit mixed on this piece of news, but from what I’ve gathered, we should expect Sprint to officially launch the HTC Touch Diamond somewhere between August 28th and September 15, 2008.  The September 15th date is a shot in the dark, but Phonearena thinks it got...

Intel Wireless Power Technology

Intel Reveals Advances in Wireless Power Technology

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By: Albert S Intel showed off their latest advances in wireless power technology. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in a room and have your cell phone greet you with “Hello, I’m Charging” rather than “Hey loser, I have no reception?” Well, this is possible with Intel’s upcoming wireless power...

13 in one pen

13-in-1 Multi Tool Pen For $14.95


By: Albert S This is a cool gadget every self-respecting, Macgyver-loving, geek would love, me included. Hidden in the pen is a “hole puncher; a stainless steel file; a short cutting blade; a flat screwdriver; a wire sleeve remover/small nail remover; an ear pick; a long cutting blade; a tweezer;...

Open Source Touch Screen Project: Touchkit


If you got the skills,gear and money you too can now build your very own touch screen interface. Touchkit is an open source project that let’s you download everything you need to know to build a touchscreen interface. From the looks of the video is pretty rudimentary, but that might...

Copy and Paste On The iPhone


Disclaimer: This only is designed for Apps, not good old regular web browsing. Essentially, it’s an open source project that allows any iPhone App developer to add ‘copy and paste’ functionality to their App. According to GeekBrief, they’ve worked it such that the functionality, or add on, doesn’t violate any...


PSP-3000 Rocks New LCD Screen


Screens are everything, or almost everything when it comes to gaming. Sony updated the PSP, the PSP-3000 to be exact, with a better screen that boasts double the color gamut and five time the contrast ratio and half the response time, which should ultimately mean a crisper, brighter and streak...

T-mobile Android HTC Dream

T-mobile Android HTC Dream Launch Details


By: Albert S T-mobile’s Android HTC Dream mobile phone is set to be released on October 13. It’ll cost you $200 smackaroos with a 2 year commitment. Not a bad deal at all since you’re getting an awesome phone coupled with the hottest mobile operating system. Click link below for...


Sony Play TV For The PS3 Unboxed And Tested


The folks at Stuff got their mitts on the Sony Play TV.  The small and unassuming devices turns your PS3 into a DVR that can receive terresterial TV and presumably cable signals.  It features its own electronic programming guide (7 day) and can record shows while you play games, although...