Monthly Archives: August 2006

Confirmed: Dell to go AMD this October


When I think Dell, I think Intel. Apparently, this will all change in the very near future. According to The Register, Dell “has confirmed it intends to launch AMD-based notebooks” as early as this October and are due to make an appearance in September. The laptops will sport Sempron and...

Pod Safe Protects Syncing and Charging


Manufactured of PolyCarbon Abs (hard plastic) the Pod Safe attaches to the docking portion of your iPod preventing syncing and charging, and can only be removed if the correct code is entered on its rotary dial.  Attaching the Pod Safe may deter a sticky finger or two, but we’re confident...

Clip on Earbuds for the Accessory Junkie


Although we’re usually not ones to report on headphones, these little ear buds seemed worthy.  Serving both those in motion and those requiring a touch of style – accessory junkies will love these – the Earmecca ‘EP series’ headphones include an earring like clip that attaches the base of the...

BWM Remote Park Assist


BMW continues to amaze me by delivering innovative and forward thinking products.  Sure, there not always practical to the every day commuter, but they often serve a purpose and solve the “only ifs”.  BMW’s news gizmo is a remote control allowing its driver to control the vehicle from beyond the...

Touchscreen DVD/CD Player: Classe CDP-202


The CDP-202 by Classe is purportedly the first DVD-audio/CD/DVD player to include a touch screen LCD for control and viewing.  The player can read CD, DVD audio, DVD video, MP3, WMA, VCD, and S-VCD.   We’re assuming you get all the high end audio hooks in addition to the composite and...

Sony’s Water Proof Celly: SO902iWP


Sony’s SO902iWP is an amphibious creature, featuring the ability to receive and make calls underwater. If that isn’t good enough then you like the ability to snap 1.3 megapixel photos in and out the deep blue. According to our friends over at Core77 this phone won’t make it beyond Japan’s...

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