Monthly Archives: February 2006

Nokia 6070 Cell Phone Announced


Alongside the 3GSM conference today, Nokia announced its Nokia 6070. The 6070 is a basic camera phone with a stereo FM radio, MP3 player, and web browsing via its EDGE support. The phone should be available in Q2 of 2006 with an estimated retail price of $160. via Press Release...

HP iPAQ hw6900 Smart Phone Released


HP has released its latest smart phone, the iPAQ hw6900. The hw6900 is an update to their hw6515. What new features can you expect? Windows Mobile 5.0 3″ 240×240 screen 416 Mhz Intel Processor Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2, and GSM/EDGE mini-SD slot with 45MB internal storage memory 4 hour battery life...

XBox 360 Shortage Almost Over


According to Peter Moore, Vice President of the Entertainment Division of Microsoft, the XBox 360 shortage is almost over. Moore says that “”Within the next four to six weeks, anybody will be able to walk into a store and buy an Xbox 360.” Moore also announced that currently 54% of...

Nextel Fanview: Nascar Camera Views in Your Hand


Nextel is set to introduce a handheld device from Kangaroo at Nascar race ways that will take you from the stands to the pit. The Nascar Nextel Fan View operates over a 2.5GHZ frequency and provides the race video coverage, race radio broadcast, up to seven in car camera channels,...

Nintendo DS Lite in Three Colors


The official Nintendo DS Lite site shows the recently announced Nintendo DS Lite will be shipping in three colors: Crystal White, Ice Blue, and Enamel Navy. With the recent announcement of new DS wireless content, these handhelds should sell like hotcakes, which I hear sell pretty well. Available at Amazon...

WarFare on a Wrist LCD Screen


A new piece of Israeli technology by Teradyne Systems, now allows soldiers to receive real time video of un/manned planes and drones directly to their wrist providing an unprecedented advantage in tactical warfare. Prior to the development of what is called the “V-Rambo?, battlefield video had to be processed through...

Teddy Bear MP3 Player


We can’t get much from the linked page, but it looks like this cutesy Japanese MP3 player could make a perfect Valentines Day gift. Apparently it stores a whopping 128mb of music, and comes packed with some stock looking headphones. We’re not even gonna try to speculate on price, availability,...

Cingular 8125 Available For Purchase?


It looks like Cingular’s 8100 series (Windows Mobile 5.0), specifically the 8125, will be available for consumer purchase at Cingular stores by the end of February (although it looks like you can purchase online now for $349 with 2 year contract). The QWERTY slide out keyboard phone sports a 2.8?...

Wi-Gear iMuffs Bluetooth Headset Review


iLounge has a review of the new Wi-Gear iMuffs Bluetooth Headset for iPods and cell phones. These Bluetooth headphones are definitely designed for iPods as they have a remote control on the ear. However, thanks to their built in microphone, they’ll do the trick for your cell phone? What did...

SmartShopper Voice Activated Shopping List

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If you grocery shop for a massively large family, a company called Smartshopper hopes to simplify all that with their SmartShopper shopping list device. Just simply speak the desired product into the device, and it stores and organizes the items via voice recognition in a grocery store layout friendly list....

Sony Announces Blu Ray Disc Prices


Sony Pictures, backer of Blu Ray, has announced pricing for its high def discs. The wholesale price for new release DVDs will be $23.45, and older titles will be $17.95. What does that mean to consumers like you and me? This should mean a retail price of $34.95 for new...

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