Monthly Archives: December 2005

Quanta to manufacture the $100 MIT Laptop


The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) board of directors has announced that it has chosen a manufacturer to manufacture the $100 MIT Laptop. OLPC has choosen Taiwan-based Quanta as the original design manufacturer of the laptop According to OLPC, Quanta has agreed to devote significant engineering resources in Q1 and...

iPod nano with 80 hours of battery life


Thanks to an iPod accessory, the POD60, by Japan Trust Technology (JTT), you can now get 80 hours of battery life from your iPod nano. Of course the biggest problem is that this external battery weighs in at 180 g, or roughly 4 times the weight of the iPod nano....

Large Bendable Clock Using Electronic Ink


E-Ink and Citizen Watch announced their bendable clock yesterday. The thing is just 3.0 mm thick, and 1.5 kg in weight. The battery life is also reportedly 20 times that of convential digital clocks. Due to the use of electronic ink, the clock is also viewable at almost 180 degrees....

$0.99 iPod Nano

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Yeah, you heard us. The 99 Cents Only store will be selling iPod Nanos for the same price as everything else in the store for… $0.99. The catch? There’s only going to be 9 iPod Nanos for sale when 99 Cents Only opens its latest outlet on Thursday in La...

Fuel Cell Car To Go


So it might be sometime until you can purchase a car with a hydrogen based fuel system. However, you can purchase your very own Fuel Cell Car Lab for just $80. The Fuel Cell Car Lab arrives in pieces, and must be assembled presumably by someone with some engineering aptitude....

Nokia 770 Review


Arstechnica recently took an in depth look at the Nokia 770. I was disappointed to hear that the stylus didn’t compliment the 770’s sleek and slender styling (they found it the worst stylus they had ever used), but hey its just a small part of the package. Although Arstechnica found...

Intelligent Food Container Knows When Its Stale


Unlike any other Tupperware, this device clamps on to your food container, and tells you when the food has gone stale and when it’s best to use by. The device “monitors the temperature of chilled foods and predicts their quality using microbial growth models.? Ultimately, you get better tasting food...

iPod’s Most Durable Case


Heading to the Amazon and can’t leave your tunes at home? Then you probably want the Pelican i1030 iPod case. This has to be one of the most durable cases for the iPod and it’s perfect for storage and travel no matter the climate, or environment. It can hold your...

Flick Yourself Stress Free


Drop the stress ball and start flicking. The Finger Flick Punchbag is designed to relieve stress and entertain the occasional office mate. Each flick is measured by the ‘flick-o-meter’ – but of course! There are six different flick strengths ranging from Mega Wimp to Super Hero. It even comes with...

Small Shiny Korean MP3 Player


No too much is known about the Mbeat (aka ‘Jewelry’, which is on the back of the device), but as you can see from the pics it comes in at least 256MB, is shiny, and doesn’t sport a display. It’s pretty small though, and has a neat look to it....

Blast Marshmallows 40 Feet


Break out the hot chocolate shields because ThinkGeek just released the marshmallow shooter. What really caught my eye was not only the gun’s ability to shoot a marshmallow 40 feet, but you can fill its chamber with mini-marshmallows to recreate a shotgun like blast. Somehow I think people will be...

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