Monthly Archives: October 2005

Apple’s Front Row: use your Mac from the couch


Apple announced a second app in addition to Photo Booth today — Front Row! Front Row let’s you use your Apple for all its multimedia functions, from the comfort of your couch! Taking advantage of the newly released Apple Remote, you can listen to music, watch movies and DVDs, and...

Apple announces new iMac


Apple announced an update to its iMac today. The iMac update includes several key new features, including: built in iSight Front Row – use the new Apple remote control to watch movies / listen to music Photo Booth – take pictures like a mall photo booth with your iSight ships...

Apple iPod Video Confirmed!!!

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Unfreakin’ believable. The new iPod Video comes in 30GB and 60GB sizes and black or white (like the iPod Nano). The 30GB is 45% smaller (now 1/2″ thin) then the original iPod, and the 60GB model is 10% smaller then the 4th gen 20GB. The new iPod Videos also sport...

Nokia launches new corporate phones: E60, E61, E70


Nokia, in an attempt to get a piece of the business market, has launched 3 new mobile phones for corporate users. The new E60, E61, and E70 are designed to work with mobile e-mail systems including RIM’s BlackBerry Connect and Nokia’s Business Center. In addition, Nokia plans on supporting e-mail...

Sony notebooks show their true colors


Sony introduced a line of slim notebooks that will come in five different colors. The new FJ series of VAIO notebooks will give you a choice of: Onyx Black, Pearl White, Sky Blue, Jade Green and Raspberry Red. You’ll get the outside, bezels, and palm rests all in a matching...

Nokia 9300 Smartphone Review

- - 1 Comment took a look at Nokia’s newest smartphone, the 9300. Overall they were pretty impressed with the devices large feature set and its ability to work with not only your standard push email systems, but with the device’s “full support for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service”. The...

Motorola SLVR Review


Mobile-review has a review of Motorola’s much anticipated SLVR phone; the brethren to the RAZR. It looks like they got their hands on the Russian version, so expect a slightly different feature set and look, but for the most part it will remain the same once is arrives to our...

Handheld printer prints on fabrics, woods and more


There’s a handheld inkjet printer coming out this holiday season that will let you directly print on a variety of surfaces including: fabric, wood, polymer clay, wallpaper, and other surfaces. Uh… neat? The hand-held printer will ship with a disc containing 40 designs, a black ink cartridge, a docking station,...

Wi-Fi is now in the dictionary


Wi-Fi is now mainstream enough of a term to make it into the dictionary. The official definition: abbreviation – Wireless Fidelity, a group of technical standards enabling the transmission of data over wireless networks. verb – convert or adapt for Wireless Fidelity compatibility : what type of electronics will be...

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