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Microsoft and Intel to support HD-DVD

In the waging battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it looks like heavyweights Microsoft and Intel are joining the underdog -- HD-DVD. The two formats have been competing in the vein of VHS and Betamax, but are still in the vendor...

MySpace Out of Rupert Murdoch’s Reach

You know that TV tyrant, Rupert Murdoch? Well, he recently made a bid to get his hands on Intermix Media, the proud owner and parent company to the music/social networking site Interestingly enough, it looks like I...


White Sony PSP from Japan

White Sony PSPs are apparently showing up on eBay. Sony's White PSP is a Japanese release.

Madden 2006 Features 7″ Player

A glitch in Madden 2006 causes New York Jets lineman Michael King to be 7" in the game. According to a Madden producer the spreadsheet had King's info wrong - no kidding. The glitch occurs if you had downloaded an online roster...

Cell Phones

Palm Treo running Windows

Longtime competitors in the PDA market, Palm and Microsoft introduced a jointly developed cell phone -- a Palm Treo running a modified Windows Mobile 5.0. This hybrid will debut exclusively for Verizon Wireless, the number 2 US...
Cell Phones

Nokia’s Rubics Cube Like Phone leaked – 3250

Images of Nokia's new 'rubics cube' like phone were leaked today, purportedley from a promo event in Berlin. The model is the 3250, and sports not only features like the Nokia's N91 music phone, but its bottom quarter rotates 3...


I.C. Can: Instant cold beer and soda anytime

Thanks to Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings you may never have to drink a warm beer again. The Instant Cool Can (I.C. Can) is a self-refridgerating that can cool its contents by 30 degrees in just three minutes. The cans are...

Xbox 360 Controller Sold on eBay

Someone sold an Xbox 360 controller on eBay recently. The most disappointing thing about this story is that they only got $91 (retails for $39.99) for it. I guess that ain't too bad considering it comes out in just 2 months time.


Rock a Bye Baby

All you parents who read Gadget Review, we've got the gadget for you. Using the new Lullabub, you can turn your baby's existing crib into a rocker. You place the four Lullabub modules under each of the crib's legs and rock on. ...
Cell Phones

Business Card Sized Cell Phone

Korean cell phone manufacture, VK, will eventually release an updated version of the VK2100, a phone as slim as the razor, that sports not only MP3 support, but a megapixel camera. The phone weighs just 48 grams and its footpri...


Nintendo Revolution Specs

Reportedly the Nintendo Revolution will have the following specs: 2.5 GHz PowerPC processor with 256 KB of L1 cache memory and 1 MB of L2 cache 32MB PPU 512 RAM 600 MHz ATI “RN520â€? graphics chip with 256MB of RAM No word yet on...

iPod Nano’s Screen Maybe Flawed

Uh oh! The device that has been regarded as 'the MP3 player' to have this year maybe flawed. Although, we recently saw ArsTechnica beat the crap out of the iPod Nano, there are reports of the device's screens failing, or scratc...