LG’s New OLED TV Is Something You Might Be Able To Afford

OLED TVs are beautiful things, and like many beautiful things in life, they aren’t cheap. In fact, they ran you five figures as late as a year ago. But with plasma dying out, the television industry has to get you to buy a new TV somehow, so OLED is dropping rapidly in price. How rapidly? You might actually be able to afford LG’s OLED TV!

Frank’s $3,500 TV

Specifically, the 55EC9300 is dirt cheap. Well, OK, it’s cheap by the standards of OLED TVs: For contrast, the first OLED model, introduced a year ago, would run you about $15,000. The joys of manufacturing at scale and widespread adaptation of new technologies! So, what do you get for your exorbitant but no longer ridiculous payment?

Bright, Crisp and Clear

First of all, this isn’t a 4K monitor, although those are supposedly dropping like a rock in price as well. Still, it’s supposedly going to achieve color fidelity in a way that’s never truly been seen before, which for home theater types is a good enough reason to put down a huge chunk of money. It also comes with the WebOS Smart TV platform built in, which I’m a little skeptical of since you don’t really need it, but it is nice that it was installed. Oh, and it’s both curved and a nice 55-inches in size, so make sure you’ve got the space before you install it.

The Best Picture You Can Buy


Realistically, this is probably going to be the best TV you can get for at least a little while; while 4K monitors are declining in price as well, it appears that they won’t get below $7,000 for at least another year. Besides, if you need a 4K screen bigger than 55″, you’re probably disdaining this as for the peasants. But hey, us peasants will take it.

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