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Updated March 2, 2023

Choosing the best outdoor TVs could mean the difference between a shoddy, glare-packed picture, or a crisp, clean image in the partial shade out on your favorite sundeck. Our evaluation focused on picture, construction, weatherproofing, anti-reflection technology, and sound.

After more than 17 hours of research, our pick for the best outdoor television goes to the Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV. It is an all-around dynamo, featuring a 700 nit brightness rating, IP67 waterproof casing for extreme outdoor weather, and an Ambient Light Sensor that automatically optimizes the image based on daytime or nighttime viewing. Keep reading to learn more about the best outdoor TVs available for purchase. And, after you are done, check out our guide to the best TVs.

Top 10 Outdoor TVs

 #1  Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV comes with a dynamite QLED 4K picture and an IP55 rating for rust and water resistance, an excellent choice as a large outdoor patio TV.

  • IP55-rated for dust and moisture resistance
  • Motion Rate 240 technology for smooth refresh rate
  • Direct Full Array 16X for contrast handling
  • Remote could be more intuitive
  • Not ideal viewing under direct sunlight; partial sun is optimal

This anti-glare, best Samsung outdoor TV is pretty formidable for an outdoor living space, starting with 200+ nit brightness levels, Direct Full Array 16X for contrast management, and Quantum Dot technology that delivers 1+ billion shades of color. Motion blur is practically non-existent with Motion Rate 240 technology, a must for those high-intensity Sunday night football games under partial shade. For more quality options, check out our review of the best OLED TVs.

Another plus with this outdoor smart TV is its adaptive picture, which optimizes brightness levels based on ambient lighting conditions. Kudos for smart features like AirPlay 2 and SmartThings compatibility, allowing you to stream content directly from streaming devices like your iPhone, iPad, and Mac for a movie night with family and friends. For large patio gatherings, this is a must, especially if you’re looking for the best TV for sports for those outdoor barbeques.

 #2  Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Series Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor TV comes with ultra-sharp 4K HD television and durable weatherproof IP54 housing, an excellent choice as a viable option for a patio or sun deck.

  • IP54 rated for dust and water-repelling
  • 750-nit-rated brightness (up to 3X greater than indoor TVs)
  • HDR10 that creates rich, vivid colors
  • Built-in speakers not that loud
  • Limited UI interface (not on par with Roku TVs or Samsung Smart Hub)

This outdoor TV’s construction is rock solid, featuring an IP54 waterproof casing that can be submerged in low-pressure rain without short-circuiting, so an outdoor TV cover may not be necessary. Operating templates run between -27°F to 122°F with four built-in fans to cool internal circuitry from frying under direct sunlight. All in all, we were very impressed with this level of protection.

In terms of display performance, this high-quality outdoor TV features an anti-reflective screen and 750-nit-rated brightness, which is roughly 3 times brighter than 4K spec indoor televisions. Combined with an ambient light sensor that adjusts picture lighting levels based on lighting conditions, it’s a pretty formidable machine, and once you hook up some external speakers to improve the sound quality of the outdoor speakers, your entertainment setup for movies is good to go. It’s great if you’re looking for the best HDR TV for your patio.

 #3  SunBriteTV Veranda Edition Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 4K UltraHD LED outdoor TV is a workhorse, featuring a 400-nit screen and a rustproof aluminum casing, making it a great choice for covered patios.

  • Outstanding operating temperature range
  • Supports full High Dynamic Range (HDR) for wide color choices
  • Includes 3 HDMI inputs and 1 USB input for external devices
  • 60Hz native refresh rate
  • UI not as intuitive as Samsung Smart Hub or Roku TV

Overall picture quality with this Veranda Series outdoor TV is sound, displaying 3840 x 2160 pixels UHD with a 400 nit screen and direct LED backlight for vivid brightness in partial shade. Kudos for including an optional passive soundbar and three HDMI inputs, which could support multiple external devices. Consider this an excellent choice for a permanent outdoor installation.

This outdoor TV is built like a brick. A powder-coated aluminum exterior and weatherproof media bay contain thick gaskets to seal against humidity. Consider this a neat outdoor TV enclosure. The operating temperature range is on the extreme side (-24° to 104° F), good for use in any region of the country. For even better picture quality, the best curved TV will have better features for you.

 #4  SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 55-Inch Veranda (2nd Gen) 4K UHD Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor TV shines (no pun intended) with a 4K UHD screen and three HDMI ports enclosed in a weatherproof media bay, making it an excellent choice for gamers to take their game outside.

  • Excellent under partial sunlight
  • Wide viewing angle coverage; great for group watching
  • Durable, powder-coated aluminum casing
  • Not the most responsive remote
  • Soundbar cannot be synced with the TV remote
  • Insulated speakers; could be louder

This Sunbrite outdoor TV is pretty well-rounded. A UHD display features 3840 x 2160 resolution, and the viewing angle is especially generous (178° x 178° ). It is also up to 3 times brighter than comparatively priced indoor TV anti-reflective screens to combat partial sunlight in shaded environments. Powder-coated aluminum casing protects it from heavy wear and tear from dirt, dust, debris, and rainfall in any full-shade outdoor space like a screened gazebo.

In terms of media connections, this SunbriteTV is solid. It boasts 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, more than enough to connect an Amazon Fire Stick, Blu-ray player, Playstation 4, or similar device. It’s a great option if you’re looking for the best smart TV for streaming that works well outdoors.

 #5  Sunbrite Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Pro Series outdoor TV comes with a tempered glass shield and uses Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology, an excellent choice for heavy sunlight outdoor seating areas (as opposed to full shade or partial sun).

  • Anti-glare screen for better viewing
  • Excellent operating temperature range ( -40° to 122° F)
  • Powder-coated aluminum for scratch resistance
  • Full HD 1080p not as vivid as 4K HDR
  • Below average 60Hz native refresh rate

This Sunbrite outdoor TV is ultra-durable, with a durable powder-coated aluminum casing that does an exceptional job of protecting against dust, snow, humidity, full sun, and rain. It holds well in extreme weather conditions (-40 to 122°F with an enclosed media bat that eliminates the need for external cords

Our only major knock on this Sunbrite outdoor TV is its so-so display (full HD 1080p) and a modest 60Hz native refresh rate, which doesn’t give it the clearest, vividly detailed picture. It also only holds two HDMI inputs. However, all of this is made up with its FAull Sun rating, which represents the stronger weatherproofing possible out of the SunBrite lineup (compared to Full Shade and Partial Sun models). It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for the best 1080p TV.

 #6  Furrion Aurora Full Shade Series Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor TV features durable weatherproof IP54 housing and an ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness based on lighting conditions – an excellent choice for small gazebos and sun decks with partial sunlight or full shade.

  • IP54 water-resistant aluminum casing
  • 400-nit brightness for clear view & anti-glare coating
  • 4 built-in fans to prevent short-circuiting
  • No built-in UI to access streaming content
  • Not the best performance under direct sunlight

This outdoor TV’s picture quality is impressive, sporting a 4K high-definition screen and 400-nit rating, offering up to 50% greater brightness than indoor TVs. Its weatherproof IP54 aluminum casing is capable of extreme temperature changes ranging from -24°F to 122°F, helped by 4 built-in fans for optimal cooling.

Kudos for an anti-glare coating, which greatly reduces glare when facing open windows. Note viewability is best when not exposed to direct sunlight but in partial sun or shade. Note, unlike the big-name brands, this outdoor TV has limited integration with third-party devices (e.g. Amazon Fire Stick remote to soundbar) nor a built-in UI like Samsung’s SmartHub and the Roku TV platform to access streaming content. It’s also a nice choice if you’re looking for the best TV for your bedroom.

 #7  Sunbrite TV SE Edition Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 4K UltraHD LED outdoor TV features a durable aluminum casing and built=-in weatherproof 20W soundbar, making it a great choice for audio buffs who want loud protection in noisier outdoor areas.

  • Durable, powder-coated aluminum casing
  • OptiView feature for optimized brightness based on ambient lighting conditions
  • 500nit brightness rated screen for a dazzling bright picture
  • Ideal for partial sunlight; image not as bright in direct sunlight
  • Built-in speakers could use more pop
  • Remote signal could use a better range

We found this best outdoor TV to be a well-rounded machine in our Sunbrite TV review. UltraHD LED (3840 x 2160 pixels) and a 500 nit brightness rated screen project cut through sun rays and glare, processing up to two times greater than indoor TVs. Powder-coated aluminum casing repels against rain, dust, and humidity, working within a -24 to 122°F operating range to not short circuit with extreme weather variations. So, if you’re unsure of what sort of television you are looking for, you can check out our guide to the best place to buy a TV.

Our favorite feature with this best Sunbrite outdoor TV is its OptiView feature, which corrects picture output and automatically adjusts brightness for daytime or nighttime viewing. Kudos to a built-in 20-watt soundbar that can be mounted above or below the television so that your favorite movies sound great. All in all, we were very impressed with this unit. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for the best TV for bright rooms.

 #8  Seura Shade Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor TV comes with a sharp 4K HD resolution and monstrous front-facing 50-watt soundbar, a great choice for larger covered patios and sundecks.

  • Up to 60% brighter than indoor models
  • Sharp Ultra HD picture with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
  • Powerful 50-watt integrated soundbar; Bluetooth-enabled
  • Not the brightest picture under direct sunlight
  • Not a widely recognized brand name

We really like this outdoor TV’s stunning picture clarity with 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, presenting stark wide color contrasts and a true-to-life picture. it’s up to 60% brighter than indoor TVs;’ with anti-reflective properties, preferred under partial sun IP54 waterproof rated aluminum housing with safe operating temperatures from -24°F to 104°F keep it well protected from the elements.

Our favorite feature out of the extra features with this outdoor TV is its 50-watt RMS 2-channel soundbar, which offers the most powerful audio on our list. It is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to stream their favorite music with instant playtimes for a great outdoor entertainment experience. All in all, we were impressed with this unit’s durability and picture quality. It’s why we’ve designated the best sounding TV on our list.

 #9  Mirage Vision G Series Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This value-friendly TV comes with an Active Matrix Liquid Crystal for nice contrast depth and a super-thin profile, excellent for people who want a space-saving TV.

  • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal tech
  • Healthy -25°F to 145°F operating range
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Does not include a stand; intended for wall mounting
  • User interface is clunky

This outdoor TV’s picture quality is pretty solid across the board. It supports High Dynamic Range HDR for a 1 billion+ color palette. LED Backlight Modulation Technology does a decent job of offering break brightness. It also has three HDMI cables and two USB cables to connect external devices such as Amazon Fire Sticks and Google Chromecast.

Consider this outdoor TV an excellent choice for watching under partial sunlight once you attach it to outdoor TV mounts. Operating temperatures are generous (up to 145 degrees) with external fans, exhaust vents, and Kryptoshield technology coated in its internal circuitry for water resistance. Even input and output connections are protected with a waterproof membrane. Kudos for a waterproof television cover and remote control. You might also like our best TV for seniors buying guide.

 #10  Sealoc 4K Outdoor TV


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor TV comes with a non-coated treated internal circuitry and a monstrous IP68 waterproof rating, an excellent choice for the rainiest of environments.

  • Clear display w/Matrix Liquid Crystal
  • IP68 waterproof rating for dust and moisture resistance
  • Solid -14° to +140° F operating temperatures
  • No HDR support
  • Does not include ambient lighting sensor

This outdoor TV display is serviceable, featuring a Matrix Liquid Crystal display, which uses a highly accurate reflector to produce images (as opposed to emitting light directly as OLED TVs do. However, it is not HDR, nor does it include an ambient lighting sensor, so contrast and color depth optimization features are limited.

We were very impressed with this UHD Smart outdoor TV’s construction, working with a rugged aluminum frame with non-coated treated internal circuitry for short circuit prevention and an IP68 waterproof rating, good for withstanding 1.5 meter-deep underwater for up to thirty minutes. Operating temperatures hover in the -14° to +140° F, more than capable of withstanding blistering Arizona heat or brutal northern Indiana winters. Kudos for a rear cabinet rain guard and rear cabinet vents to prevent overheating.

How We Decided

In determining the best outdoor TVs to buy. We explored construction, weather resistance, ingress protection rating, and anti-reflective properties with glass.

Construction is a very important piece. Our preference is for outdoor TVs with aluminum bodies, which are more heat resistant than plastic – popular with the consumer, with indoor TVs. Plus, dents and dings are a lot less noticeable and easily hold up to wear and tear between extreme temperature changes. Handling extreme temperature changes in the -24°F to +124°F range should be easily achieved as well.

Another important consideration is weatherproofing. Look for the best outdoor TVs with a minimum ingress protection rating of 65, which helps them repel dust and water at moderate strength. IP66 and IP68-rated outdoor TVs are even better equipped, withstanding thicker and torrential rainfall with no issue. Despite weatherproofing, we are big fans of keeping a covered patio.

Look for outdoor TVs with a minimum of 20-watt speakers, which are loud enough to project ins smaller patio spaces. For a sure thing, look to 40-watt speakers or higher to easily cover that entire pool deck, leaving no reveler unable to hear.

Lastly, we considered the glass type. Outdoor TV glass should be anti-reflective due to the excess sun glare that creeps in, especially in open areas with no enclosures (e.g., covered patio). Additionally, if this will be your first outdoor TV, you can read our page on how to watch TV outside for some helpful tips.

Best Outdoor TVs Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Construction
    When we compare outdoor TVs vs indoor TVs, we look for weather resistance. The reason for this is to ensure we’re bringing you the most honest outdoor TV reviews to help you make a good buying decision. Our preference is for the best outdoor TVs of 2023 with aluminum bodies, which are better able to withstand excess heat, cold, and dust/moisture. In short, it’s these features that make them the leading TVs for outdoors.
    • Look for operating temperature ranges in the -24°F to +124°F area. Any plastic outdoor TV is a recipe for disaster, as it’s a higher conductor of heat and fries easily. Check out our Seura Shade outdoor TV review to read about a sturdily constructed option that has a range from -24°F to +104°F.
    • Pay attention to the outdoor TV brands boasting their units can handle the coldest or hottest temps. Double-check their claims with our review site.
    • As you’re reviewing TV buying guides, make sure you look for aluminum-encased TVs. Even if the product claims to be the top rated outdoor TV, always ensure the TV has the right features to handle outdoor weather.
    • If you’re buying a TV for an RV, you have more flexibility in options. This also means you can find a great gaming TV that will fit perfectly in small spaces and still have a high-quality resolution.
  2. Weatherproofing
    Do you know what the best TV is for outdoors? Well, there are tons of features and options to consider.
    • Look for the best TV for outside (like a fine 55-inch 4K TV) or used outdoor TVs with a minimum ingress protection rating of 65. IP65-rated outdoor TVs are element-resistant enough to withstand water projected from light to moderate nozzle strength.
    • Note, IP66 and IP68-rated outdoor TVs are even stronger, as they easily shield against continuous and more powerful streams of water and dust. In short, the weather won’t affect it even if you wall-mount it or use a TV stand.
    • Although, if you get a great TV for an outdoor covered patio, take extra precautions by shielding the patio’s open areas with dense screens or shades.
  3. Anti Reflection
    Auto-reflective glass for big screen size outdoor TVs is a must. Sun glare rips through patios easily and can render certain viewing angles useless. These generally are reflective of semi-matte screens, as opposed to glossy screens. Another anti-reflective measure is a high brightness (nit) rating. Some outdoor TVs are capable of 2000+ nits, more than enough to provide vivid color and reduced glare under partial shade.
  4. Sound
    Outdoor TVs need a lot more volume projection than your standard indoor TV. Look for TV speakers with a minimum of 20 watts, which are loud enough to project well in small patio spaces. Go 40 watts and above, and you have a full pool deck ready to entertain with no strained ears. Note, the best size for outdoor TVs doesn’t necessarily translate into better sound, as wattage can remain the same across all sized TVs. Visit our guide for more Smart TV tips.

Outdoor TVs FAQs

Can you use an indoor TV outside?

We don’t think the best indoor TV for outdoor use exists. Indoor TVs are designed specifically with ventilation holes that help dissipate excess heat. If these ventilation holes are exposed outside, they could be subject to debris, dust, and moisture, short-circuiting your TV for good. Plus, indoor TVs have much lower volume levels than outdoor TVs. Even under scaffolding, you won't get much bang for your buck.

Do I need an outdoor TV for a covered patio?

We highly recommend purchasing an outdoor TV for a covered patio. Even covered patios are not weatherproof. Plus, covered patios are also subject to noise from the street or neighboring homes, easily parried by higher volume levels an outdoor TV can provide.

What makes an outdoor TV different?

The best outdoor TVs are weatherproof and better manage extreme fluctuations with heat and cold than indoor TVs. Construction is also much more durable, typically comprising of an aluminum body and an IP65 ingress rating which helps repel dust and water.

What TV is best for outdoor use?

In our opinion, the best TV for outdoor use has a formidable combination of high-resolution displays, weatherproof, a high brightness rating, and plenty of protections including an internal coating to prevent short-circuiting and tight sealing to prevent dust and moisture from seeping through.
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