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Best 65 Inch TV in 2023

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The best 65 inch TV features outstanding picture quality, a wealth of functionality, and plenty of extra features like smart home compatibility, low input lag, and fast motion handling. To help you find a 65-inch ultra HD TV that offers all of these features and more, we researched the top-rated models available today and researched them out in our own homes. During our research, we looked for excellent color accuracy with wide color gamuts, high contrast ratios, and smooth picture quality during fast-moving sequences. Use this list of the best TVs to find the best 65 inch TV for your home.

After our research, one TV stood out the most: the LG C2 65-inch OLED TV. With a blazing fast refresh rate and low input lag, deep contrast, and amazing colors, the LG offers the best experience for most situations. Keep reading below to learn more about the LG C2 and the other 4K 65-inch TVs we included on the list of our top picks for the year.

Top 10 Best 65 Inch TVs Compared

 #1  LG C2 65″ OLED TV

Award: Best OLED

WHY WE LIKE IT: The LG C2 delivers excellent image quality and is best in dark room situations. It also features a lightning-fast response time, looks amazing from any angle, and is perfect for video games thanks to HDMI 2.1, VRR, and a 120hz refresh rate.

  • Stellar image quality
  • Great dark room performance
  • Deep blacks
  • Excellent for video games
  • Brightness based on-screen content
  • Risk of permanent burn-in
  • Some screen glare

The image on the LG C2 is outstanding, viewing angles are solid, and the TV offers a ton of features and settings that users are going to love in a 65-inch 4K TV. In fact, it’s one of the best TVs for gaming, provided you manage static images (HUDs, etc) accordingly. The OLED picture quality is something that can’t be rivaled, which is apparent from the moment you turn this TV on. The operating system is meh, but you can manage, so you can control your smart home devices using your voice through the LG Magic Remote. It also works with Amazon Alexa devices.

The lifelike picture is the best part of this 4K TV. It delivers accurate colors, depth, and sharpness, creating a truly cinematic experience. The blacks are also especially deep here, giving you excellent contrast. As is typical with OLED screens, though, you can potentially have screen burn-in if an image is static and remains on screen for too long. This is one of the only downsides of the LG C2. The picture also isn’t as bright as it could be, especially when compared to other OLED TVs. Brightness is automatically adjusted by the TV based on the on-screen content, which can be somewhat frustrating at times. Still, the OLED’s downsides are minimal. All in all, the stellar LG C2 is an excellent choice for home theaters in dark rooms. It has all of the things we look for in the best OLED TVs.

 #2  Sony XR65X90K 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Full Array LED TV

Award: Best Rated 65 Inch TV

Display Technology: LED | 4K Resolution: Yes

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Sony XR65X90K 65-Inch 4K TV is a great large TV, with an excellent picture, great motion handling, and response time.

  • Deep blacks
  • Full Array LED
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Image quality is degraded at some angles

I loved the fast response time and the image quality on this TV. It has superb color and deep blacks when you need them.

This LED TV has all of the right features, inputs, and a great design. The HDR color and detail will blow you away. It also has voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that you can change channels & more with your voice. This TV’s Android TV capabilities (which is now called Google TV) definitely keep it on our list.

It has power and performance, and it looks superb. However, our one gripe is that at some angles, that amazing image doesn’t look amazing at all. If you don’t have wide seating in the room, it won’t be an issue, though. Or, you could decide to go for a bigger TV with the same features. If this is something you are interested in, check out our guide to the best 70-inch TV.

 #3  LG QNED80 120hz QNED 65-inch TV

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: With super low input lag, amazing picture and audio quality, and overall accurate colors, the LG 65QNED80UQA 120hz QNED 65-inch TV an excellent choice for gamers and action lovers.

  • Best for gamers
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Super low input lag
  • Doesn’t perform well in dark rooms
  • HDR doesn’t improve much

When it comes to gaming and watching high-octane media, you’ll want a TV that can offer high refresh rates and low input lag. Fortunately for you, the LG QNED80 offers both and more. For starters, the TV features a built-in game mode that decreases input lag for a seamless game experience. The TV also features an Instant Game Response mode that automatically detects that you’re playing a game and switches immediately to the Game picture mode.

The picture quality on the LG QNED80 is also to be praised. With an IPS panel like this, you’ll get stunning colors, excellent contrast ratios, and wide viewing angles, giving you the flexibility you need to game or watch action shots with ease wherever you are. You also get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio for an immersive cinematic experience. We do wish that the LG QNED80 had better local dimming and HDR, but these are small downsides when compared to everything else the 4K 65-inch TV has to offer. It is a good companion for the best streaming movies. You will certainly enjoy the best shows on amazon in a new way.

 #4  VIZIO P-Series 65″ QLED 4K HDR TV

Award: Best Smart 4K 65 Inch TV

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Vizio TV has amazing colors that are vibrant and accurate, deep blacks, plenty of HDMI ports, and other great features. The price makes it a serious contender for your money.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Deep blacks
  • Google Chromecast built-in
  • No voice control built-in
  • Picture is not accurate when viewed at angles

It has a wide color gamut, local dimming, and high peak brightness. Everything looks fantastic in both SDR and HDR. It also sports low input lag and very little blur when the action gets intense on screen.

It has 5 HDMI ports allowing for plenty of connections, and Chromecast is built in. This will give you access to all of your streaming services, so watching the next episode of your favorite TV shows will be a breeze. This TV may not be perfect, with gray uniformity that could be improved, but it is an amazing set for the price.

This screen is bright enough to eliminate glare in most situations as well. In dark rooms, it performs great. When viewed from an angle, the image loses quality, but otherwise, I was very happy with this one.

 #5  Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA TV

Award: Top Pick 2020

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA UHD TV is priced great, and every movie, Netflix show, and video game looks amazing on it. This TV has a high contrast ratio for deep blacks and amazing overall color accuracy to please even the biggest TV enthusiasts.

  • Best contrast ratio
  • Low input lag
  • Fast refresh rate
  • HDR isn’t as good as we’d like
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Brightness could be improved

When you plug in and power on the Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA, you’ll quickly see why it made our top pick for the best 65 inch TV of this year. In the end, it just plain performed better than any other TV we researched and looks amazing, to boot. With low input lag and a high motion rate of 120 Hz, this Samsung 4K TV makes all the action flawless, including video games. This is superb all-around TV for any application.

When it comes to picture quality, you’ll have a hard time finding something better than this 65 inch model. This 4K TV displays millions of shades of color for a vibrant, lifelike picture that blows HDTV away. It also features excellent contrast for deeper blacks and whiter whites. This is exactly what we want from the best TVs. While we wish the TV was a little brighter, it performed just fine in dim light, making it perfect for a basement TV. If you use your TV for everything from casual daytime television to intense gaming, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA.

 #6  LG 65UM7300PUA TV

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The LG 65UM7300PUA is a really solid 4K 65-inch TV that delivers stellar picture quality through its IPS screen, as well as a wide variety of smart features like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. If you value strong smart TV functionality, you can’t go wrong with this LG 4K TV.

  • Best IPS screen
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility
  • Blazing fast quad-core processor
  • Doesn’t offer local dimming
  • Lowest refresh rate
  • Black levels could be better

The LG 65UM7300PUA 65-inch ultra-HD TV is a powerful set that features a quad-core processor that powers all of its inner workings, including image quality, color, black levels, and smart functionality. We were impressed with just how smooth and sleek the whole user interface on the LG was. We never experienced a hiccup while we used the TV. One of the best features of this TV is its IPS 4K technology, which makes for extra-wide viewing angles and impressive color accuracy. The only downside here is the TV’s fairly low refresh rate. At 60 Hz, this isn’t the best TV for sports or gaming. If you need more product options and don’t mind something smaller, then check out our guide to the best 55-inch smart TV.

The LG also features plenty of smart functionality and features, including compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It even has Apple AirPlay 2 built-in, so you can cast anything on the TV from any of your Apple devices. On top of all these smart functions, the LG 65UM7300PUA even features its proprietary LG ThinQ AI technology, which delivers an even more user-friendly experience. You can’t go wrong watching the best streaming services with this very capable TV. This is a great TV for playing the best video games since these games put out amazing graphics and need the latest display technology.

 #7  Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA TV

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Samsung Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA is an excellent TV with great dark room performance due to a high native contrast ratio and good local dimming. It delivers rich blacks and crisp, bright whites that look simply amazing. It’s also armed with a Quantum Processor that will instantly upscale content for sharp detail and near-perfect color.

  • Excellent motion rate and response time
  • Good peak brightness
  • Wide color gamut
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Dim HDR content
  • Built-in speakers aren’t the best

Thanks to its superior brightness, the Samsung Q60R is perfect for any lighting situation. The Wide Viewing Angle feature is designed to reduce glare and enhance the colors, so that no matter what seat you have, you get a stunning picture. Viewing angles could still be better here, but they’re not bad enough to ruin the entire experience. Quantum HDR 4x is also onboard for amazing picture realism. If that isn’t enough, it delivers 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot. This means that it has over a billion shades of brilliant color powered by a Quantum dot for a superior realistic picture.

We were also super impressed with the high refresh rate and motion handling, along with an impressively low input lag for those fast-moving action shots in sports and gaming. You even get AMD FreeSync technology built into the TV for the ultimate gaming experience. All in all, if you want an immersive cinematic or gaming experience without paying a semester’s worth of tuition, the Samsung Q60R is an excellent pick. It performs well in almost any situation. Pair this with surround sound speakers or a good soundbar, and you’ve got a great home theatre with the best TV sound. It has many of the features that we love in the best smart tv.

 #8  Samsung UN65RU8000 65″ (3840 x 2160) Smart 4K UHD TV

Award: Best Rated 65 Inch Budget TV for 2021

Display Technology: LED | 4K Resolution: Yes

WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV hits all of the right notes. It looks like a high-end set, offers a great picture, and the price is right.

  • Great budget choice
  • Deep blacks
  • Great for gaming
  • Not viewable at all angles
  • Quality control could be better

We love this budget 4K TV. The image quality for the price is just awesome.

This TV is great for watching movies, playing games, or using it as a computer monitor. It has decent brightness that works in both dark and lit rooms The low input lag will attract gamers as well. I was pretty happy with this TV for the price.

The Ultra HD picture clarity has amazing contrast, color, and detail. That being said, you are getting what you pay for. Some buyers have had to send this model back to get it replaced for various issues. Worth it, but make sure everything works when you get it.

 #9  LG 65UM7300 65″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Award: Best Rated 65 Inch TV With Alexa

Display Technology: LED | 4K Resolution: Yes

WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV offers vivid colors, and great performance thanks to a quad-core processor and some decent features for a decent price.

  • Alexa built-in
  • Quad-Core TV processor
  • Great picture
  • Blacks are a little washed out

It’s on the budget end of 65 inch 4K TVs, and you get a decent amount of features and quality. The image is great.

While it doesn’t fare well in dark rooms, it supports 4K Active HDR formats and has integrated LG ThinQ AI technology and Alexa built-in.

That quad-core processor does a great job improving images, action, and color, and it has accurate colors.

This LG TV is a great value for anyone looking for a budget TV.

 #10  LG Electronics 65SK8000 4K Ultra HD TV

Award: Best 65 Inch Budget TV Runner-Up

Display Technology: LED | 4K Resolution: Yes

WHY WE LIKE IT: This 4K HDR TV is a good deal for the money. While the image quality isn’t as great as our top models, it was great enough to make our list.

  • Google Assistant built-in
  • Great picture
  • No local dimming

This is another good budget choice for those who want a great picture without a high price tag. on the budget end of 65-inch 4K TVs, and you get a decent amount of features and quality. The image is great.

The local dimming of this model is not great, but everything else makes it a solid choice for our #10 pick.

It comes with Google Assistant built-in. Access to this operating system will make navigation extremely simple on your TV.

Most Important 65 Inch TV Features

1. Screen Size
The screen size of the television is measured diagonally. TV screens come in a variety of sizes, such as 40, 55, and 65 inches. Overall, any of the best 65 inch TVs on our list would be a good pick for your home. Although, you will find some great 90-inch TVs, which are super huge.

2. Display Technology
OLED technology is able to offer the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, because it uses a layer of organic LEDs that are controlled pixel by pixel. OLED TVs are not common in the market currently, in large part because of their high price range, owing to their perfect black levels. It’s also unclear whether OLED models will suffer from burn-in over the long run. LED-LCD is the most common type of display technology, where LEDs illuminate the LCD screen from behind, allowing for greater contrast between black and white. You can check out our LG OLED65CXPUA review for an OLED option to see what they offer.

LCD minus any LED lighting is an older display technology. And you may find some LCD TVs that only contain LEDs at the edges of the screen, making them a bit less effective in terms of picture quality than the LED-LCD models with a full LED array across the entire screen. If you want to update your display technology, you should also consider the Samsung QLED TV.

3. Resolution
As you’re shopping for 65 inch TVs, you can expect the vast majority of them to offer 4K resolution. UHD resolution is 3840×2160 pixels. Some HDTVs in the 65-inch range will offer a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The majority of programming right now is full HD resolution, although some 4K TVs can upscale the programming to use the entire 4K resolution. However, you can expect more programming to migrate to 4K in the next few years, so buying a 4K TV now will give it some longevity.

4. Refresh Rate
The refresh rate of the screen is measured in Hertz or Hz. The refresh rate measurement reveals how many times per second the image on the screen is recreated or redrawn. The most common refresh rates are 60Hz, 120Hz, or 240Hz. If you have fast-moving objects on the screen, such as with sports programming or gaming, you’ll want at least 120Hz for a refresh rate. Anything less than 120Hz could result in blurred images as objects move across the screen. If the TV manufacturer refers to an effective refresh rate, that usually means the actual refresh rate is half the stated effective refresh rate. Note: Samsung uses a propriety method to measure their TVs’ refresh rate. It’s confusing and annoying. Check out our Samsung Q70R review for a great option with a 120Hz refresh rate.

5. Screen Design
HDTV technology, including the LED (LED-LCD), OLED, and LCD technologies discussed above, allows screens to have a flat design. However, some television designers have chosen to create gently curved screens for their large TVs, such as the best 65 inch TV screens discussed here. The curve is designed to mimic the immersive feeling you might have with a movie screen or IMAX screen that’s curved. But to really approach that immersive feeling, the curve is more effective on an extremely large screen than on a smaller screen.

6. Smart TV Features
Nearly all modern televisions are considered Smart TVs, as they nearly all have built-in Wi-Fi technology to make use of streaming Internet services. Some of the Smart TV type options and services available with individual TVs will vary, though. For a great option at 65 inches, check out our Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA review.

7. Ports
The most common type of port on a 65 inch TV is an HDMI port, which allows you to connect other devices that can use high-speed data transfer to match the high-resolution display. You’ll want multiple HDMI ports in your large TV, allowing for adding devices like Blu-ray players or gaming consoles. Some TVs offer USB, digital audio ports, and other ports as well.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Watch for Gimmicks
    Television manufacturers like to tout what they call proprietary technologies, even though most of them are more marketing jargon than truly groundbreaking technology. If you see an odd piece of terminology associated with a particular TV, do some research so that you fully understand it. Don’t be fooled by a manufacturer touting a particular unit as a Smart TV, as nearly every 65-inch TV is going to have built-in Wi-Fi for streaming. Additionally, things like curved displays are more of a gimmick than a helpful design feature, so avoid spending the extra money to obtain such features.
  • Skimping on Ports
    Look at the best 65 inch TV chart above, and you’ll see that all of the units have multiple ports available. Don’t be tempted by a unit that attempts to save you a bit of money by offering fewer ports. It doesn’t take long to occupy two or three HDMI ports, especially if you’re attaching a sound system or a gaming system. You don’t want to save $100 on a TV up front by selecting one with fewer ports, and then later not be able to use the television the way you want. You need to connect your streaming devices.
  • Going Too Small to Save on Money
    Perhaps the biggest mistake that potential 4K buyers make when shopping around for their first set is compromising on the size of their screen in order to save a couple of bucks at the checkout by buying cheap TVs. 4K resolution packs in twice the amount of pixels as a standard 1080p set, which means that on anything less than 55 inches, the picture quality difference between the two is too difficult to tell by the human eye. In so many words, this means that if you’re going to go 4K: go big or go home. TV sizes matter. 65-inch TVS are where it’s at. Don’t bother with a 32-inch TV. The bigger size can transform your viewing experience, and the size can fit many TV consoles and mounts these days in case you’re thinking,”How wide is a 65-inch TV exactly? Will it fit on my TV console?” Additionally, if you have the space and budget to get the best 75-inch TV, why would you want to settle for a 65-inch?
  • Splurging on Extra Features You Don’t Need
    Because the 4K revolution is still in its infancy, there’s been a lot of mismanagement between the features that display manufacturers want to add and what content providers can actually keep up with. Yes, 3D is cool, but there’s barely any 3D 4K content to speak of right now. 240Hz may sound awesome on the surface, but then you realize that it’s not much different from what you’d see in 120Hz. Manufacturers of 4k UHD HDR sets are betting on consumer ignorance to upsell them on features that will remain useless for at least the next six months, so be sure to only add on what you know you’ll be able to use. For instance, large viewing angles may not be important if you live alone and sit right in front of the TV. Don’t buy extras you won’t use. Dolby’s Vision may not be for you if you game more than watch movies.

Which 65-inch 4K TV is Right For You?

As the list of available 65-inch 4K TVs continues to grow when each product cycle passes by, manufacturers are finally starting to hone in on which features consumers want the most and how to make them the best they can possibly be. To see which brands have great 4K TVs, you’ll want to visit our articles about Samsung vs Vizio, TCL 65-inch vs Samsung TVs, and Samsung Frame vs LG OLED.

The 4K revolution is still just getting its training wheels off (at least in terms of content), but we expect that with smart TVs like these hitting the shelves, it may only be a few more years before people can’t even remember what it was like to watch their content in plain old HD. The smart features on a 4k smart tv are excellent as well since they are often compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa and other smart home devices.

Some compatible apps that are built-in or work with most 4K TVs are Roku TV, Andriod TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV,

A 4k HDR means High Dynamic Range. The idea is that the higher the dynamic range, the closer a photograph looks to real life. This is why HDR gaming and HDR movies are so popular. HDR TVs tend to look more naturally realistic. Dolby’s Vision is HDR technology. 4k UHD means Ultra HD. This is a term used to let you know that the display has higher resolutions than HDTV.

Popular 4K TVs to buy in the past include products like the LG OLED65b8, TCL 65r617, Vizio p65f1, Samsung q9fn, the a9f OLED, LG OLED65c8, the TCL 6series, the Vizio P-series, Sony xbr65x900f, Samsungs QLED offerings, the Sony master series, the q9fn QLED, Samsung nu8000, M-series Quantum. Regardless of which model you chose, they will all make a great option for Apple TV and other streaming services.

No matter what TV platform or brand you get, our 65-inch 4K TV buying guide will help you buy the best 4K TV for you. Use our TV buying guide and also look for TV deals on Amazon. Whether you are looking for an LCD TV or a UHD TV, regardless of screen size, we have your home theater covered. You will be enjoying 4k content in no time.

Before you purchase one of the best 65 inch TVs mentioned above, it’ll pay to do research. These types of large screen televisions are relatively still expensive, with a final bill of one to a few thousand dollars, so you need to be completely sure of which features you’re receiving before buying a unit like this. You don’t necessarily need a 4K resolution screen, though it will give your new TV some added longevity, even if there isn’t a lot of native 4K programming available right now. Make sure you’re getting a set with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz for a smooth display. OLED TVs have incredible image quality, but you’ll have to pay a lot more for this new technology than the best LED TVs. Finally, stick with a well-known brand name, and you’re sure to have some success finding just the right 65-inch TV in 2023.

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