How Wide is a 65 Inch TV?

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On average, a 65-inch TV will have a width of about 57-58 inches. There are a few factors that will determine the exact width, however, including brand and bezel size. When looking to purchase the best TV, you may notice that there are many 65-inch models, as they are becoming the most popular size TV available. These models have a screen that is big enough to enjoy an immersive viewing experience in most living rooms.

However, to determine if a 65-inch TV is best for your needs, you should understand TV size vs distance and how to choose a TV screen size.

What Are The Dimensions of a 65-inch TV?

The Pythagorean theory enables you to find the amount to multiply the diagonal of the screen to find the height or width. This calculation involves taking the square root of 16 squared plus nine squared.

popular screen sizes and how they compare in size

The numbers that are squared and added together depend on the aspect ratio of the screen, specifically 16:9 units for widescreen TVs. Then, you divide sixteen by the square root to find the number to multiply the diagonal by to get the width and divide nine by the square root for the height.

For a widescreen TV, multiply the screen size, which represents the diagonal length across the screen, by 0.87157553712 to get the width and by 0.49026123963 to get the height.

Thus, for a 65” TV, the height and width of the screen come to 31.9 inches by 56.7 inches.

This can get confusing, so we have included a table below with some of the more common TV screen sizes below.

TV SizeWidthHeight
32″27.9 inches (70.9 cm)15.7 inches (39.9 cm)
40″34.9 inches (88.6 cm)19.6 inches (49.8 cm)
43″37.5 inches (95.3 cm)21.1 inches (53.6 cm)
50″43.6 inches (110.7 cm)24.5 inches (62.2 cm)
55″47.9 inches (121.7 cm)27 inches (68.6 cm)
65″56.7 inches (142.2 cm)31.9 inches (80.0 cm)
75″65.4 inches (164.7 cm)36.8 inches (92.6 cm)
85″74.1 inches (187.2 cm)41.7 inches (105.2 cm)
Common TV sizes and dimensions

However, the bezels must also be taken into account when determining the TV’s actual height and width; add a couple of inches on each side for the bezel or edge of the TV.

With bezels included, the average 65-inch TV will have a width (from side to side) of 57.3 inches, a height (from bottom to top) of 32.6 inches, and a depth (from the front of the screen to the deepest part of the back) of 3 inches.

What Room Size For a 65-inch TV?

Viewing distance and the appearance of the TV itself will help determine the ideal size for your room. For example, the viewing distance for a 65” TV is about 9.1′ away from the TV. This is based on the ideal field of view and the angle at which the TV should be positioned.

a 65 inch tv hanging on a wall

If you are set on a 65-inch model, check out our TCL 8 Series review for a great 4K smart TV.

For the average living room, a medium or large TV works better than a smaller one because of the size of the room and the number of people watching it. Mounting the TV on the wall will give you some more viewing distance as well.

It should also be noted that the actual height and depth will be different if you use the stand, so be sure to take that into account if you are using an entertainment center instead of mounting to a wall.

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